Journal Edition Vol 22, No 1,  June 2002, Rabi-us-Sani 1422 H    (New Quarterly) Full Text

Dental Management of Mentally Retarded Patients —Amjad H Wyne

Effect of Extraction on Blood Pressure in 6-12 years old Saudi Children: An Invivo Preliminary Study — Arham Nawaz Chohan, Atallah Al-Johani & Lanre Bello

Concussion and Intrusive Luxation of Maxillary Primary Central Incisors: Case Report — Mosleh Al Shamrani & Fouad S Salama

Orthodontic Management Option of Congenitally Missing Mandibular Central Incisors (A Case Report) —  Sheraz Burki, Saqib Rashid & Ulfat Bashir

Cephalometric Evaluation of Maxillary Retrognathism Cases Treated with FR-3 Appliance M Waheed-ul-Hameed

Oral Hygiene Evaluation in Orthodontic Practice — Hoshang Rumi Sukhia

The Measurement of Co-Efficient of Friction Between Cast Co-Cr Alloy and Guiding Plane Materials A Pilot Study —Mohsin Ali

Temporomandibular Joint Arthrography An Overview — Ravikiran Ongole, Navjyot Panjrath Auswaf & Keerthilatha M Pai

Endocarditis: Prophylaxis in Dental Procedures — Ninette Banday & Shahid Ahmed Sami

Specialization in Dentistry in the United Kingdom — Anwar Ali Shah, Philip E Benson

Roentgenographic Interpretation of Experimentally Produced Bony Lesions using Radio VisioGraphy and Conventional Radiography — Azizah Al Mobeeriek, Hanan Balto, Lief Kulman, Sahar Al-Jaffan & Nabeela Al-Malki

Internet Usage Among Dental Professionals in Riyadh —Hamad Al-Zoman & Abdulaziz Al-Zoman

Saudi Dental Patients Attitude Towards Esthetic Dental Treatment at KSU, College of Dentistry, Riyadh — Hoda Abdellatif & Wedad Awliya

Mechanisms of Action of Fluoride in Dental Caries — Ayyaz Ali Khan

Relationship of Dietary Intake and Oral Health —Hoshang Rumi Sukhia

A Critical Review of (Female Dental Students and Interns Assessment of the Faculty Teaching Capability at King Saud University, College of Dentistry, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

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