Journal Edition Vol 25, No 1,  June 2005,  (New Quarterly) Full Text

Identification of Unidentified Human Remains – Validity of Dental Records

Management of Extraordinary large Mucocele of the Tongue with Unusual Presentations

Prophylactic Surgical Removal of Impacted Third Molars: Contemporary Views

Ameloblastoma in Young Persons: A Retrospective Study of the Clinocopathologic Features and Treatment of 19 Cases from a Semi-Urban Nigerian Teaching Hospital

Dental Management of Patients Suffering from "Lowe Syndrome" —21 Hepatitis in Dental Practice —A Study Conducted on 1498 Patients

Gum Veneer

Salivary Count of Streptococcus Mutans in Caries Prediction

The Effect of Commercially Available Local Brand of Toothpastes against Oral Bacteria

Proportions of Oral Clefts in Patients Visiting the Cleft Center of Children's Hospital and Institute of Child Health Lahore: A Five Year Study (2000-2005)

Dental Crowding and its Relationship to Tooth Size and Arch Dimensions —47 Age of High Growth Rate in Adolescent Period of Development

Assessment and Comparison of Dimensions of Sella Turcica in Skeletal Class I & Skeletal Class II Cases

Restore a Wide Radiant Smile without Dental Extractions

Microleakage in Class I Resin Composite Restorations Lined with Glass Ionomer as Dentin Substitute: An In-Vitro Study

Self-Reported Dental Care and Dietary Habits of Saudi Pregnant Women in a Prenatal Clinic in Riyadh

Clinical Biological Width Dimention around Dentition of a Selected Saudi Population

Dental Caries–Preventive Concepts of Dentists in Peshawar

First-Molar Caries in Primary School Children of a Northern City of Iran

Effect of Core Preparation on the Retention of Cast Post and Cores Luted with Glass Ionomer Cement

Digital Intra-Oral Radiology: An Overview of the Current Digital Radiographic Technologies and Author's Personal Experience with Schick's CDR System

Need to Emphasize Scientific Basis for Evidence Based Dentistry

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