Journal Edition Vol 34 No 3 September 2014 Ziqa'ad 1435 H (New Quarterly)

Protocol for dental treatment before Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) in paediatric patients — Saeeda Abdullah, Zahida Ahmad

Effect of Tannic Acid on Growth and Acid Production of Candida Albicans — Nasir H Al Bagieh, Hamad N Al Bageah

Geographic Tongue: Case Report and Literature Review — Mahreen Shahzad, Anam Sattar, Syed Mohammad Faran Ali

Rothmund Thomson Syndrome — Thamer Mohammad Bsoul, Talal Nser Al-Rawashdeh, Mue'n Mahmood Al-Weshah, Enas Fawaz Othman, Aymen Daoud Shawebkeh

Basal screw implantology without sinus lifting — Ahmad Otoum, Thamer Bsoul

Etiology, Pattern and Management of Maxillofacia Fractures in patients seen at Mayo Hospital, Lahore - Pakistan — Ehsan ul Haq, Ahmad Liaquat, Asma Aftab, Hafiz Shakir Mehmood

Prospective study of the development of Alveolar Osteitis after 3rd molar impacted teeth extraction in randomly selected patients — Ahmad Shah, Sultan Zeb Khan, Waqar un Nisa

Impacted third molar extractions-Are we following any recommended guidelines? — Muhammad Israr, Dip Mang, Muhammad Zeeshan Baig, Waheed ullah Khan

A Comparison of Single Versus Multimodel Analgesia in Ablative Maxillofacial Surgical Procedures — Nadeem Ahmad Khan, Munir Ahmad, Shaheen Anjum

Serious Post Extraction Complaint — Nida Murad, Zahid Qayyum Bangash, Fatima Abdul Qayyum, M Youns Khan

Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Traumatic Nasal Defect: A Case Report — Nabeela Riaz, Ahmad Liaquat

Immediate Autotransplantation of Premolar as a Treatment Modality to Replace A Severely Traumatized Central Incisor — Khattar Haddadin

Cytomorphometry of Buccal Smears of Nicotiana Tabacum (Naswar) Users: A Pilot Study — Rabia Masood, Nadia Zaib, Rozina Jaffar, Khola Ahmed Khan, Munnazza Javed, Ali Raza, Naila Umer

Histopathological Patterns of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma — Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Taqi Mohammad, Navid Rashid Qureshi

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice concerning infection control measures among dental health care providers of Dow University of Health Sciences — Mehwish Feroz Ali, Azmina Hussain, Afsheen Maqsood

Histopathological Audit of Oral Epithelial Lesions — Uzma Bukhari, Suchita Alia Sonia, Yasmeen Khooharo

Prevalence of Areca Nut Eating Habits and Incidence of Oral Submucosal Fibrosis in School Children- A Prospective Cross-Sectional Survey — Moiz Ahmad Khan, Humayun Kaleem Siddqui, Tuba Hasan, Sharjeel Bashir

Signaling Molecules and Genetic Mechanisms Involved In Orthodontic Tooth Movement — Nabeel Shdeifat, Ibrahim Suleiman Al-Shorman

Prevalence of Malocclusion and its relation with Crowding and Spacing — Shakeel Qutub Khan, Babur Ashraf, Adeel Qutub Khan, Hasan Mehdi

Quality of life in pediatric patients after providing removable acrylic partial denture — Mehmood Hussain, Syed Imran Hassan, Syed Abrar Ali, Mohammad Yawar Khan, Moin Khan, Waqas Tanveer

Periodontal Health and Oral Hygiene Status guring the Second Trimester and its effects on pregnancy Outcomes – Preterm & Low Birth Weight — Khurram Ataullah, Ali Raza Syed, Isham Jawaid, Zubair Ahmed Khan

Role of Periodontal Therapy in Type II Diabetes Mellitus — Shahida Maqsood, Maqsood Ahmed Soomro, Saima Akram Butt, Faiza Amin, Fauzia Qadir, Quratulain Maqsood

Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma — A Case Report — Shalini Gupta, Arvind Agarwal, Rina Mehta, Hiral Purani, Haren Pandya

Adult Learning in our Dental Education System — Kashif Hafeez, Aiyesha Wahaj

A Perspective on Mentoring Dental Students of Dow International Dental College (Dow University of Health Sciences): A Cross-Sectional Study — Danish Shahnawaz, Azmina Hussain, Afsheen Maqsood

Orally and Sexually Transmitted Gonorrhea — Syed Imtiaz Ali, Hammad Hanif, Farzeen Tanwir, Shaheer Pervaiz, Muhammad Shoaib Khan, Tooba Arfeen, Reema Sajjad, Haseeb Pervaiz, Shah Kamal Hashmi

Knowledge and Practice of sterilization among different health care workers — Humayun Kaleem Siddiqui, Kashif Ikram, Noor-ul Hira Aftab, Fatima Uzair

Frequency of Malocclusion among 12 -15 years old school children in three sectors of Karachi — Rizwan Nadim, Kashif Aslam, Saher Rizwan

Urinary Incontinence- patient’s physical, mental and oral health analysis — Syed Imtiaz Ali, Hammad Hanif, Farzeen Tanwir, Shaheer Pervaiz, Reema Sajjad, Haseeb Pervaiz, Ali Nawaz Rangha, Shahkamal Hashmi

Prevalence of Social Myths and Taboos Related to Dental Health among General Population of Rawalpindi - Pakistan — Zubair Nasir, Waseem Ahmed, Fatima Iqbal, Sana Iqbal, Maliha Tariq, Aleshba Saba

A Reversible Diagnostic method for Occlusal, Esthetic and Functional Evaluation of Full Arch Re-construction: A novel approach using thermoplastic retainers — Khattar S Haddadin, Abeer S Khreisat

Evaluation of pain after administration of local anesthesia with and without medication (Midazolam) in irreversible Pulpitis in a sample of Sindh — Shaikh Shumaila, Abdul Bari Memon, Muhammad Ilyas Shaikh, Abid Khan Afridi, Waheed Murad Dahri, Permanand Malhi

Frequency of Postoperative Sensitivity in Posterior Class I Composite Restorations — Usman Anwer Bhatti, Alia Ahmed, Qasim Javed

Frequency of Three Canals in Permanent Maxillary Second Premolars (In Vitro) — Muhammad Arif Shaikh, Feroze Ali Kalhoro, Jodat Askari, Khawar Karim

Occlusal Reduction Reduces Postoperative pain after Endodontic Instrumentation — Shama Asghar, Farheen Fatima, Asghar Ali

Comparison of Root Canal treatment quality performed by House Surgeons and Postgraduate Students — Jawwad Iqbal Afridi, Aliya Ehsan, Aaqil Malik

Validity of different methods for MB-2 Canal location in Permanent Maxillary Molars — Fozia Rajput, Feroze Ali Kalhoro, Mohammad Ilyas Shaikh, Safia Khatoon

Identification of Middle Mesial Canal of Mandibular First Molar: Case report using Cone-Beam computed Tomography — Pardeep Mahajan, Deepa Thaman, Shiwani Garg, Prashant Monga, Pallvi Dhand

Communication between Dental Office and Dental Laboratory: From Paper-Based to Web-Based — Ibraheem F Alshiddi

Knowledge, perception and choice of Dental Implants as a treatment option for patients visiting the University College of Dentistry, Lahore - Pakistan — Aaqil Malik, Jawwad Iqbal Afridi, Aliya Ehsan

Prevalence of Torus Mandibularis and Torus Palatinus among children and adults in Jordan —  Thamer Mohammad Anwar Bsoul

Sorption Rate Evaluation of Floable Composite Materials by using different Photo-Activation Methods: A Spectroscopic Analysis — Aftab Ahmed Khan, Adel Zia Siddiqui, Shafaq Noori, Fouzia Imtiaz, Zubia Waqar

Sacrificial Protection Method during Disinfection to Avoid Corrosion — Abdur Rehman, Faiza Amin, Mohammad Abbasm

Cariostatic Potential of the Strontium Fluorophosphate Bioactive Glass — Hesham Matabdin, Natalia Karpukhina