Journal Edition Volume 34 No 4 December 2014 Safar-ul-Muzafar 1436 H (New Quarterly)

Relationship between quality of life and Psychosocial functioning among children and Adolescents with Cleft Lip and Palate — Nazli Gul Shujaat, Shujaat Hasan Idris, Afzal Sheikh, Sonia Afzal, Maheen Aftab

Prevalence of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in the dentists working in Karachi — Aftab Ahmed Khan, Adel Zia Siddiqui, Muhammad Rashid Ahmed, Hasan Askari, Ambreen Zahid

Effects of Sensory disturbances in Cleft Lip and Palate patients — Shujaat Hasan Idris, Nazli Gul Shujaat, Azhar Ali Shah, Sonia Afzal, Maheen Aftab

Angular Cheilitis: Case reports and Literature Review — Mahreen Shahzad, Raheela Faraz, Anam Sattar

Interpositional Temporalis Fascia Flap: How effective is it in TMJ Ankylosis Treatment? — Muhammad Asif Shahzad, M Rafique Chatha, Aqib Sohail

Congenital Malformations Associated with Cleft Lip and Palate — Abdul Rashid, Javeria Asif Cheema, M Sumair Farooq, Muhammad Azeem

Complications of Tracheostomy at Tertiary Care Hospital — Salman Shafique, Arsalan Ahmed Shaikh, Suneel Kumar Punjabi

Patterns and causes of Condylar Fractures — A study — Jameel Kifayatullah, Farrukh Jehan, Fahad Aslam, Tanveer Hussain Bangash

The role of non-Canonical function of Telomerase enzyme in the development of Keratinocyte Carcinogenesis — Joharia Azhar Saadat, Saeeda Abdullah

Clinical Evaluation of Xerostomia in patients infected with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus — Maryam Aslam, Joharia Azhar, Eefa Tabassum

Evaluation of the Skeletal Maturation using lower Canine Mineralization — Ghulam Rasool, Umar Hussain, Syed Suleman Shah

Effect of Body Posture on Malocclusion — Amjad M. AlWarawreh, Salem A. Sarayreh, Haytham F. Rabadi, Emad Ali Shtaiwi AlBdour, Mohammed Al-Marzouq

Average Chronological age & occurrence of Pubertal Spurt Assessed by CVM method in Pakistani girls and boys — Raafia Mujahid, Hasnain, Sakrani, Syed Shah Faisal, Adil Samreen, Daud Mirza

Hypoplasia Assessment Index in Cleft Lip and Palate Subjects — Aiyesha Wahaj, Imtiaz Ahmed, Gul-E-Erum

Bolton Discrepancies among different classes of Malocclusion in Peshawar population — Muhammad Tayyab, Sonia Zakir, Umar Hussain, Ruqqaya Jehan, Zarqa Nasrullah

Assessment of Satisfaction Level among Orthodontic Patients — Shakeel Qutub Khan, Babur Ashraf, Nabeel Qutub Khan, Syed Shazil Hussain

Correlation of Third Molar agenesis with Hypodontia in an orthodontic population — Nadia Bhutta, Saima Razaq Khan Sadozai, M Rafique Chatha

Relationship of Dental Crowding to tooth size and Arch Dimensions in Class I Normal & Class I Malocclusion sample — Syed Shazil Hussain, Babur Ashraf, Shakeel Qutub Khan

Restorative treatment under GA in children below six years of age in PIMS, Pakistan — A Study — Saeeda Abdullah

Oral health and self-rated health among 80 year old community dwelling people — Ali Nawaz, Wajih Hussain Jinnah

Oral Hygiene Habits among the complete Denture Wearer patients visiting the Isra Dental College Hyderabad — Abdul Bari Memon, Irfan Ahmed Shaikh, Abdul Jabbar, Mohammad Amin Sahito, Mohammad Yaqoob Memon,

Prevalence of Dental Caries among students of Khairpur District — Irfan Ahmed Shaikh, Feroze Ali Kalhoro, Muhammad Sulleman Pirzado, Abdul Bari Memon, Mohammad Amin Sahito, Waheed Murad Dahri, Permanand Malhi

Frequency and severity of Dental Fluorosis among school children in Gadap Town, Karachi — Abid Mohsin, Saman Hakeem, Abdul Hakeem Arain, Tahir Ali, BDS, Daud Mirza

Relationship between Personality Type and Academic Achievement — Shazia Nawabi

Factors affecting patients’ choice of dental services — Marium Iqbal, Asmat Jameel, M Mohsin Girach, Murtaza

Patterns and habits of tooth surface loss in association with tooth brushing/ soft drink consumption amongst 18-34 years of adults — Aisha Wali, Talha M Siddiqui, Syed Zubairuddin Ahmed, Sana Sobia

Perception of Jordanian population to Altered Dental Aesthetics using Composite Resin Restorations — Waddah S El-Naji, Amjad M AlWarawreh, Raghda W Shamout, Salem A Sarayreh, Haytham F Rabadi

Comparison of Premedication of Lornoxicam and Ibuprofen on the success of Inferior Alveolar nerve block in patients with Irreversible Pulpitis — Sana Jalil, Alia Ahmed, Muhammad Nabeel

Accuracy of Electronic Apex Locator in determining the working length in Primary Molars with Root Resorption: An in vitro study — Maria Sikander, Alia Ahmed, Sana Jalil

A Comparison of the Anesthetic efficacy of Lidocaine and Articaine for Buccal Infiltration in patients with Acute Irreversible Pulpitis in Maxillary First Premolars — Muhammad Nabeel, Alia Ahmed, Maria Sikander

Perimembranous Ventricular Septal defect with two different patterns of Molar Incisal Hypomineralization — Muhammad Salman Rashid, Ali Altaf, Usman Shahid, Badar Munir

Restoration of anterior teeth with direct composite Veneers in Hereditary Enamel Dysplasia — Muhammad Salman Rashid, Ali Altaf, Usman Shahid, Badar Munir

Endodontic Retreatment — Sana Ehsen Nagi, Farhan Raza Khan, Munawar Rahman

Effectiveness of 2% Chlorhexidine Gel in reducing Intracanal Bacterial Count — Naghma Parveen, Naveed Abbas Anjum, Vikram Lal, Bilal Ahmed

A survey on Endodontic Irrigants used by dentists in Pakistan — Syeda Mahvash Hussain, Farhan Raza Khan

Impact strength of Acrylic Resins after storage in denture cleansers — Faiza Amin, Fauzia Qadir, Sidra Akram

Evaluation of Recurring Esthetic Dental Proportion in natural smile of Pakistani sample — Naseer Ahmed, Muhammad Abbas, Afsheen Maqsood

Human’s Dentition use in criminal investigations — Mohammad Akbar Khalil, Adil Jan, Abdullah, Tariq Aziz

Oral health related quality of life in subjects with tooth Agenesis and acquired missing teeth treated with removable partial dentures — Shai Mureed, Amir Memood Butt, Bilal Ahmed, Nazia Yazdanie

Effect of previous denture wearing on neutral zone Morphologies — Hina Zafar Raja, Muhammad Nasir Saleem

Frequency of Dental Erosion and risk factors – A study — Samiullah Khan, Syed Nasir Shah

Quality of life in oral cancer patients after provision of Maxillary Obturators — Mehmood Hussain, Syed Kashif Naqvi, Syed Abrar Ali, Nazia Yazdanie, Mohammad Yawar Khan, Moin Khan

1st Annual Conference of Pak Association for Dental Research (IADR Pakistan Section) held from 25-26 October, 2014 in Lahore - Pakistan — Abdul Samad Khan