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Distraction osteogenesis for correcting mandibular hypoplasia in children — R Sathyanarayanan, R Karthikeyan & A Balatandayoudam

Evaluation of secondary alveolar bone grafting procedures — Azhar Sheikh, Ulfat Bashir, Owais Khalid Durrani, Rafia Aneeqa Lahooti & Mohsin Fazal

Double blind placebo controlled study on "efficacy of lignocaine pretreatment in reducing pain during injection of propofol" in patients undergoing elective maxillofacial surgeries — Mohammad Akbar Shah, Abdul Waheed Mir, Shaeeb Mustafa, Shabeer Ahmad Wani, Firdose Safi, Gazi Parvex Ahmad & Nadeem Ahmad Bhat

Efficacy of greater auricular nerve infiltration anesthesia in patients having less than optimal analgesia after conventional inferior alveolar nerve block for surgical removal of mandibular third molar — Sahrish Liaqat, Afeefa Ehsan & Syed Gulzar Ali Bukhari

Awareness of needlestick injuries among the dental health professionals at Lahore Medical & Dental College — Muhammad Ashfaq, Mohammad Rafique Chatha & Aqib Sohail

Hazards of pressure pack — Zahur Qayyum, Syed Amjad Shah, Shahid Khan & Faisal Pasha

Post management complications of fracture mandible at the angle – an analysis — Ahmad Shah & Zia-ur-Rahman Qureshi

Pattern of facial fractures in children — Abdul Munem & Mohammad Raza

Temporomandibular disorders — Muhammad Farhan Khan, Sadia Gull & Muhammad Rafique Chatha

Removal of third molars – should we have guidelines for surgery? — Amber Kiyani, Mohammad Azhar Sheikh & Anum Ashfaq

Bilateral multiple parotid calculi — Ahmad A Al-Share, Mamoon M Fnaish, Ahmad M Al-Alawneh & Mohammad Jarah

Unusual cause of mandibular fracture in a Nigerian girl — OA Adesina, O James & HO Olasoji

Kikuchis-Fujimoto disease — Muslim Khan, Qiam Ud Din & Sana Wazir

Prevalence of chronic orofacial pain in a clinical sample — Javed A Qazi, Misri Khan & Abdul Haseeb Qzi

C-reactive protein as a prognostic indicator of oral squamous cell carcinoma – a retrospective study — Faraz Ahmed Tariq, Omer Sefvan Janjua & Umair Khan

Diabetic patients; level of awareness about oral health knowledge, attitude and practices — Rehana Yasmeen Bangash, Abid Ullah Khan , Dil Rasheed & Mazoor Ahmed Manzoor

Immunohistochemical expression of protein p53 in oral epithelial dysplasia and oral squamous cell carcinoma — Nighat Ara, Muhammad Atique, Syed Gulzar Ali Bukhari, Farhan Akhter, Shahid Jamal, Tariq Sarfraz & Tahir Khadim

Tumorogensis: Evasion of apoptosis by the cance cells — Joharia Azhar

Halitosis — Farzeen Tanwir & Imran Abdul Momin

Dental anomalies in children in North Jordan — Mamoon M Fnaish, Ahmad M Alawneh,Da'ameh M Da'ameh & Ahmad A Al-Shre

Dental caries and its association with diet among female primary school children in Riyadh City — Ibrahim M Al-Majed

Lip morphology: A factor leading to bimaxillary dentoalveolar protrusion — Abida Ijaz, Amna Sheikh & Junaid Israr 

Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-8 (MMP-8) gene in patients with fixed orthodontic appliances — Susilowati & Imam Mudjari

Correlation among different profile planes used to evaluate lower lip position — Syeda Rabbab Hasan & Ulfat Bashir Raja

Oral hygiene measures in orthodontic treatment in Northern Jordan — Da'ameh M Da'ameh, Ibraheem Al-Shorman, Nabeel Al-Shdeifat & Mamoon M Fnaish

Impacted and displaced maxillary canines treated by fixed and removable appliances — Farida Rashid

Role of malocclusion in tension type headache — Ibrahim Al-Shorman & Nabeel Shdeifat

Arch form analyses: A comparison of two differernt methods — Asma Shafique, Tayyaba Saleem & M Rafique Chatha

Frequency of cleft lip and palate and associated dental anomalies at Islamic International Dental Hospital, Islamabad — Omer Hafeez Kaleem & Ulfat Bashir

The cephalometric measurement of "L1-APO distance" in a Pakistani sample — Rabia Bilal & Amjad Mahmood

Temporomandibular dysfunction and malocclusion in South Jordanian children and adolescents — Mohammad Odeh Al-Ma'ani & Ibraheem Khresat

Prevalence of malocclusion in Lethrar – A suburb of Islamabad — Shahzeb Patoli & Farida Rashid

Class II division 2 malocclusion; Cephalometric skeletal evaluation — Ch Rehan Qamar & Marryam Riaz

Prevalence of dental caries in the permanent dentition of patients seeking orthodontic treatment in Bara Kahu — Haroon Shahid Qazi, Saima Azam, M Saleem Khurram & Afeef Umar Zia

The role of third molar in orthodontic treatment — Naif A Bindayel

Effects of drugs on periodontal tissue remodeling and clinical responses to orthodontic mechanotherapy — Nabeel Abdel Kareem Shdayfat

Prevalence of oral submucous fibrosis and use of tobacco and related products amongst school going males — Syed Mumtaz Ali, Rehan Qureshi & Syed Jamal

Dental ailments among low and high socioeconomic status school children aged 11-12 years — Manzar Anwar Khan, Dilabaz Khan & Zia Ur Rahman Qureshi

Awareness about oral cancer among non medical university students of Peshawar — Bushra Mehbood, Ehtesham Khan & Muslim Khan

Oral health attitudes, knowledge and behavior amongst high and low socioeconomic school going children in Lahore, Pakistan — Bilal Abdul Qayyum Mirza, Ayma Syed, Faisal Izhar & Ayyaz Ali Khan

An assessment of the awareness and satisfaction concerning dental insurance among employees in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — Hassan S Halawany, Nawaf S Alhussainan, Adis Alghanem, Fawaz A Farrash & Nassr Al-Maflehi

Prevalence of cusp of carabelli in permanent teeth in a group from Khyber Pakhtukhwa, Pakistan — Dila Baz Khan, Manzar Anwar Khan & Mushtaq Khattak

Marginal adaptation of a self-etch adhesive/silorane-based resin cmposite in class V restorations — Mashael Mohammad Bin Hasan & Khaled Al-Saif

Pattern of root canals in maxillary second premolars — Fahid Khalid, Nadia Aman & Saeeda Abdullah

Prevalence of Palato gingival groove in maxillary lateral incisors — Naveed Iqbal, Sobia Masood Tirmazi, Hanna Abdul Majeed & Muhammad Bader Munir

Prophylactic use of antibiotics to prevent flare-up in endodontic treatment — Syed Imran Shah, Zahur Qayyum, Shafqat Ali Shah, Shahid Khan & Faisal Pasha

Evaluation of antimicrobial effect of root canal sealers — Emad Al-Shwaimi

Bone healing of cyst-likeperiapical lesion following surgical endodontics: A case report — Muhammad Bader Munir, Naveed Iqbal, Sobia Masood Tirmazi & Hanna Abdul Majeed

Effect of dried roasted seeds on tooth surface loss — Riyad Al-Habahbeh, Mohammad Al-Beyari, Samer Al-Jutaily, Najla S Dar-Odeh & Osama A Abu-Hammad

Comparative evaluation of shear bond strength of a self-etch adhesive system and total-etch adhesive system to normal human permanent dentin with and without carisolv treatment — DS Dinesh

Pre-clinical operative dentistry: Students viewpoints — Alia Ahmed, Maryam Hasan & Adil Shahnawaz

Distribution of dental caries and its relationship to risk factors — Saima Azam, M Saleem Khurram, Mohtada Hassan, Fatima Iqbal & Sana Iqbal

Degree of conversion and surface hardness of two nano-composites compared to three other tooth-colored restorative materials — Nadia Malek Taher

Effect of primers on the shear bond strength of two types of acrylic resin to Co-Cr partial denture alloy — Mohsin Ali

Relationship of the inter condylar distance with maxillary intercanine distance — Irfan Ahmed Shaikh, Khezran Qamar & Sajid Naeem

Prosthetic rehabilitation of maxillectomy patient with telescopic dentures — C Ramu, TV Padmanabhan, Ahmed Hasan Jibran

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