• Aneeqa Yaqub BDS, FCPS, University College of Dentistry, The University of Lahore
  • Ch Rehan Qamar BDS, FCPS, CHPE, Professor and Head of Orthodontic Departmetn University College of Dentistry, The University of Lahore, 1km Raiwand Road, Dental Hospital, The University of Lahore
  • Usman Zaheer BDS, FCPS, CHPE, MOrth RCSED, Assistant Professor Orthodontic Department Lahore Medical and Dental College, Lahore.
  • Naauman Zaheer BDS, MPhil, PHD, CHPE, Associate Professor Department of Oral Biology CMH Medical and Dental College, Lahore Pakistan
  • Junaid Israr Ahmed Khan BDS, FCPS, DDCS, MFDSRCS, CHPH Professor of Orthodontics Department Lahore Medical and Dental College
Keywords: Frontal sinus, Malocclusion, Sagittal skeletal patterns


The literature indicates variation in different trends found between the frontal sinus dimensions and different sagittal malocclusions. The study aims to correlate the frontal sinus dimensions with sagittal skeletal patterns. Ninety lateral cephalograms of patients aged 16-25 yrs. (both genders) with all three sagittal skeletal classes used. ANB angle is labeled as a critical determinant of skeletal dimension measurement. Subjects were divided into three groups (i.e., Group I with skeletal Class I [ANB = 0-4°], Group II with skeletal Class II [ANB ≥ 5°], and Group III with skeletal Class III [≤ -1°], consisting of 30 patients each). Frontal sinus dimensions were measured and recorded on proforma. In all three sagittal Classes, the sinus height (Sh-Sl) and the sinus width (Sap-Spp) showed a strong positive correlation. Hence, the frontal sinus dimensions cannot accurately predict skeletal sagittal malocclusions. The frontal sinus dimensions are poor indicators of sagittal skeletal malocclusions as it’s significantly concurrent.

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Yaqub, A., Qamar, C. R., Zaheer, U., Zaheer, N., & Khan, J. I. A. (2023). CORRELATION BETWEEN FRONTAL SINUS DIMENSIONS AND CRANIOFACIAL PATTERNS. Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal, 43(2), 52-57. Retrieved from
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