• Mubashir Sharif BDS, FCPS, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Prosthodontics, Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry
  • Ayesha Aslam BDS, CHPE, PG Resident Prosthodontics, Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry, Rawalpindi
  • Abdul Rehman BDS, FCPS, Department of Prosthodontics Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry
  • Syed Hammad Hassan BDS, FCPS, MSc Med Edu, Assistant Professor, Department of Prosthodontics AFID Rawalpindi


Functional disorders of masticatory muscles are the most common TMD complaints. Patients with these functional disorders usually present with myalgia. One key to locating the exact source of pain is that local provocation should accentuate it. While muscles such as masseter and temporalis may be easier to provoke by means of digital palpation, the same may not be applicable to the pterygoids. The anatomical location of the pterygoids makes their digital palpation rather difficult. Alternatively, these muscles can be functionally manipulated. No consensus has been achieved as to which method is better and the choice largely depends on dentists preference. The aim of this study was to assess the preference of dentists belonging to different specialties regarding method of evaluation of pterygoid muscles during examination of a TMD patient. A self-administered questionnaire was distributed among 78 dentists from five different dental specialties serving in various dental institutes and private practices in Rawalpindi/Islamabad to assess the preferred method for evaluation of medial pterygoid, inferior lateral pterygoid, superior lateral pterygoid, masseter and temporalis muscles. Data were analyzed using SPSS. Descriptive statistics were calculated. Majority of the dentists preferred to evaluate temporalis and masseter by means of digital palpation. For superior and inferior lateral pterygoid muscles, majority of the dentists preferred using functional manipulation method while for medial pterygoid, most preferred a combination technique. The results of this survey endorse the practice of local dentists regarding evaluation of masticatory muscles as being at par with international standards and practices.

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Sharif, M., Aslam, A., Rehman, A., & Hassan, S. H. (2017). EVALUATION OF PTERYGOID MUSCLES IN PATIENTS WITH TEMPOROMANDIBULAR DISORDERS. Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal, 37(3), 492-495. Retrieved from https://podj.com.pk/index.php/podj/article/view/68