• Anum Mahmood BDS, CHPE, Lecturer, Science of Dental Materials, Baqai Dental College, Baqai Medical University, Karachi.
  • Adel Zia Siddiqui BDS, MSc, CHPE, Professor, Science of Dental Materials.
  • Rida Shahid BDS, House officer.
  • Irshadullah BDS, House officer.
  • Naqeeb BDS, House officer.
  • Zara Khan BDS, Dental Practitioner, Dr Irfan’s Institute of Clinical Orthodontics, Karachi.
Keywords: Patient satisfaction, Private dental hospital, Services provided


Oral health is important for a healthy lifestyle. Patients have to visit dental hospitals to get the treatment. For providing good quality services, it is necessary to find out the strength and weakness of a dental hospital, the assessment of patient satisfaction is necessary. Present study was aimed to assess the patient satisfaction with the services provided by the Private Dental Hospital.

This was a cross-sectional study conducted among the dental patients of Baqai Dental Hospital. The study was carried out from October 2019 to January 2020. Informed written consent was taken from the participants. The Othman questionnaire was modified and distributed among the patients at the end of their dental treatment. Data were entered and analysed using SPSS version 22. Frequency and percentages were calculated.

The study found the majority of the dental patients were satisfied with the dentist-patient interaction as well as with the staff-patient interaction, and with the cost of the treatment. But the study also revealed that majority of dental patients were unsatisfied with the other services such as a toilet, drinking water, and long waiting time.

Therefore, evaluation surveys of patient satisfaction must be conducted regularly to improve the performance of the hospital and also for the quality care of the patients.

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Anum Mahmood, Adel Zia Siddiqui, Rida Shahid, Irshadullah, Naqeeb, & Zara Khan. (2021). ASSESSMENT OF PATIENT SATISFACTION SEEN AT A PRIVATE HOSPITAL IN KARACHI. Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal, 41(3), 180-184. Retrieved from
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