• Sana Adeeba Islam BDS, MSc (KCL, London. UK), Associate Professor, Dept of Community & preventive Dentistry, Karachi Medical and Dental College
  • Farhat Jafri MBBS,MPH, Head of Dept, Community Health Sciences, KMDC. Karachi
  • Rehan Ahmad Mughal BDS, MPH, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. Karachi
  • Shamma Mashood MBBS, DCPS-HPE, MSc Medical Edu. Associate Profesor & Incharge, Division Medical Edu, KMDC. Karachi
  • Sajid Hanif BDS, MSc (UK), Head of Dept, Oral Pathology, JSMU. Karachi
  • Inayat Ali Associate Prof, Dept of Anatomy, Baqai Medical University, Karachi
  • Sahar Tejani BDS
  • Javeria Amjad BDS
  • Nazrah Maher BDS
Keywords: Diabetes, Periodontal disease, Oral health, Systemic disease


The objectives of the study were to to assess the knowledge and awareness of diabetic patients for the risk of systemic and oral diseases as complications associated with diabetes and to assess the attitudes of diabetic patients towards sustaining good oral health through proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups. Four hundred self administered questionnaires were distributed ,only completed questionnaires were used for data analysis. In the current study more than half of the participants had Type 2 diabetes and rest had Type 1 diabetes. Among the participants in current study majority of participants,59% had awareness about systemic disease as compare to the awareness about risk of oral disease in diabetes. Among 40% of the participants who were aware about oral complications, majority of them were aware about the occurrence of tooth mobility and bleeding gums. The attitude of majority of diabetic patients towards sustaining good oral health in the present study was negative for dental visitings. Most of the diabetic patients either visit when necessary or never visit the dentist. Half of the diabetic patients follow tooth brushing twice a day. People with diabetes have limited or no knowledge and awareness about oral health associations with diabetic problem. In addition diabetic people have reduced compliance and adherence with dental checkups and positive oral hygiene behavior respectively. Furthermore the source and mode of obtaining information about oral health with regards to diabetic complication is inadequate and not to their reach and access.

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Sana Adeeba Islam, Farhat Jafri, Rehan Ahmad Mughal, Shamma Mashood, Sajid Hanif, Inayat Ali, Sahar Tejani, Javeria Amjad, & Nazrah Maher. (2021). KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS ABOUT PERIODONTAL RISK AND ORAL HEALTH PRACTICES IN DIABETIC PATIENTS. Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal, 41(2), 76-83. Retrieved from
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