• Farhan Butt BDS, MAS, MDS, Assistant Professor and HOD in Periodontics Department, Jinnah Medical & Dental College, Karachi
  • Marium Iqbal BDS, FCPS, HOD in Operative Dentistry, Endodontics and Paedodontics
  • Anam Jawed BDS, House Officer
  • Umaima Khan BDS, House Officer
  • Maheen Hanif BDS, House Officer
  • Arooj Sarwar BDS, House Officer
Keywords: Dental floss, oral hygiene, interdental cleaning


Bacterial plaque accumulation is the main cause of periodontal disease. That must be removed from all the surfaces of the tooth especially the interdental areas because these areas are the most difficult to clean, and thus common site for the periodontal disease.

The aim of this study was to determine the interdental cleaning knowledge of students of various colleges in Karachi. This was cross sectional study. Information from students was obtained using a properly prepared questionnaire.

A total of 400 students, out of which 200 were dental and 200 were non-dental students participated in this study. Statistically significant difference was found about the awareness of interdental cleaning (p=0.016) and the use of interdental cleaning aids (p=0.008). Majority of the students were aware of interdental cleaning, yet they did not apply their knowledge properly. In order to encourage them, dentists need to emphasize on importance of cleaning the interdental areas by promoting dental hygiene programs, seminars and community visits.

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Butt, F., Iqbal, M., Jawed, A., Khan, U., Hanif, M., & Sarwar, A. (2017). INTERDENTAL CLEANING: A CROSS-SECTIONAL SURVEY. Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal, 37(3), 452-454. Retrieved from