• Faisal Saeed Assistant Professor, Paedodontics, Sardar Begum Dental College, Gandhara University, Academy Town, Canal Road, Peshawar.
  • Irum Asad Lecturer, Paedodontics, Sardar Begum Dental College.
  • Syed Imran Gillani Assistant Professor, Community and Preventive Dentistry, Sardar Begum Dental College.
  • Sofia Haider Durrani Assistant Professor, Oral Pathology, Sardar Begum Dental College.
Keywords: Dental Extractions, dental caries, reasons for dental extractions


The objective of this study was to determine the reasons of dental extractions in children age up to 17 years. The Study was conducted at Sardar Begum Dental College and Hospital Peshawar. A total of 623 children were included, out of which [328(52.6%)] were males and [295(47.3%)] females. Caries was the main reason (36%) for the extractions. Majority of teeth extracted were deciduous molars with highest incidence [542 (87%)] of extractions between the ages of 6-12 years. More teeth were extracted in maxilla [356 (57%)] than mandible [267 (43%)]. Other reasons for tooth extraction were retained deciduous teeth (23.1%), supernumerary teeth (1.4%), neonatal teeth (0.2%) and radicular cyst (0.2%). It can be concluded that dental caries is the main cause of tooth extraction in the children.

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Faisal Saeed, Irum Asad, Syed Imran Gillani, & Sofia Haider Durrani. (2020). REASONS FOR DENTAL EXTRACTIONS IN CHILDREN. Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal, 40(3), 145-148. Retrieved from
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