• Sana Wazir DS, FCPS (OMFS), Senior Registrar Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Rehman College of Dentistry, Peshawar
  • Muslim Khan BDS, FCPS (OMFS), MHPE, Associate Professor Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar
Keywords: Cardiovascular disease, ischemic heart disease, dental management, valvular heart disease, infective endocarditis, congenital heart disease


Patients living with cardiovascular disease are susceptible to physical and emotional stress. This is further magnified if the patient needs dental treatment, as dental surgery itself is stress provoking. Cardiac patient may collapse and die in the dental chair, because of cardiogenic emergencies and multiple drug interactions. The objective of the study was to determine the frequency of cardiac conditions in patients seeking Dento-maxillofacial treatment at two Hospitals of Peshawar. Cardiac patients are a great risk for dental surgeons, that is why a multidisciplinary approach while managing these medically compromised dental patients is of paramount importance to achieve the desired outcome. The present study was carried out on 66 patients with cardiac illness reporting to oral and maxillofacial surgical unit of Rahman College of Dentistry and Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar. The age range was from 31 to 61 years, a mean age of 57.076 years SD 14.552. The most common cardiac condition was ischemic heart disease i.e. twenty-eight (42.42%) followed by patients with coronary artery bypass grafting (24.2%) special care is required in dental management of these cardiac compromised patients.

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