• Fahd Dogar Associate Professor, HOD (Department of Community & Preventive Dentistry), Faryal Dental College, Sheikhupura
Keywords: Plaque, periodontal disease (PD), World Health Organization (WHO), Streptococcus mutans, dental hygiene


Objective of the study was to describe and detect the brushing habits and teeth problems amongst school going children.
An observational cross sectional study was conducted at Faryal Dental College, Sheikhupura in September17. A total of 1467 school going children formed the study group. Students above 14 years of age and/or who were absent on the days of participation or who were unwilling to participate were excluded from the study. Whereas students less than 14 years of age of both genders and registered in the school were included. SPSS 21 was used to analyze the data.
Out of the total participants a response rate of 97.8% was achieved based on the completeness of the proforma. The mean age of all the students was 7.89+3.14. Out of the total participants, 1005 (68.5%) were boys and 462 (31.5%) were girls. Seven hundred thirty one responses were observed for the question of source of information for toothpaste. 93.3% (682) students had received the information from TV whereas only 6.6% (48) got from other sources such as relatives and 0.13%(1) received the information from newspapers. Five hundred seventy eight students answered the teeth sensitivity question, out of these 242 (42.9%) students had experienced the sensitivity problem where as 336 (58.1%) did not. Gum conditions and cavities were also recorded.
It was concluded from the study that the dental problems like plaque and cavities appeared often in the sampled groups. The probable reason behind that was the improper or irregular brushing habits of the students.

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