• Ahmad Iqbal Editor, Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal


How much truth is in the statement (that one often hears these days) that dental surgeons, physicians, and surgeons have become "mini-businessmen"? How many dental restorations are being made daily unnecessarily?

It is true that the costs of setting up and maintaining a dental clinic are getting out of control. The rental values of clinic premises have considerably increased, dental materials have become too expensive, personal salaries have gone up, and procurement costs of dental equipment have become prohibitive. But none of these could justify making un-necessary dental restorations.

It is believed that only education can alter the situation but during the medical and dental education, the students are not taught a word about social medicine and his duties and obligations to the well-being of his fellow citizens.

We have encountered in recent years increasing number of dental students who express serious concen about the human situation and are anxious to put right some of the things they perceive to be wrong.

When the leading values of a society are money and consumer goods, very few people adopt the values of services and responsibilities. But it is these few, who in the long run prevent a society from becoming totally corrupt. They are the only people who can feel satisfied and happy at the end of their lives.

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