• Ahmad Iqbal Editor, Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal


Amazing developments are taking place in science and technology in the world every day. Only those who make genuine endeavours to seek knowledge about these developments can benefit from these.

Where science and technology offers countless benefits, it also has hidden dangers. For example dental light curing unit emits blue light between 350-500 mm which includes ultra violet (UV) group C which is harmful to the eyes. It may cause UV cataract, retinitis, and macular degeneration etc. More recent light curing units such as laser curing lights provide intense light and associated increased temperature. Moreover, eyes may get infected from simple contact of infected aerosol.

Dental professionals are aware about the benefits of modern dental gadgets but many are not fully aware about their hazards.

Suitable eyes protection measures such as wearing tinted glasses, visors and eye shields should be taken. Patients should be provided with shaded or color tinted glasses. As an added protection, they should be told to keep their eyes closed when light curing unit is activated. Protective eye wear side shields must also be worn by the dentists and their assistants during procedures.

Dental teachers can provide the leadership and can help in spreading this information. No progress can be made if visionary and technologically competent leadership is not provided.


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