Journal Edition Vol 26, No 1,  June 2006,  (New Quarterly) Full Text

Innovations — Molar Distalization with Modified Palatal Distalizer —Abida ljaz, Asma Shafique & Junid Israr

Quadrilateral Analysis of Saudi Adults with Anterior Openbite —Mohammed T Bukhary

Digital Imaging for an Efficient Orthodontic Practice —Haroon Shahid Qazi, Sheze Haroon Qazi & Cenk Ceylanoglu

Implants for Orthodontic Anchorage – Review —Sheraz Burki & Tabassum Ahsan

Planning Orthodontic Stability —Hameedullah Jan Marwat

Prevalence of Carious Lesions in Early and Late Mixed Dentition Orthodontic Patients - H R Sukhia, Samreen Ahmed & M Ashraf Ayub

Proportion of Maxillary Vertical Excess in Dental Patients Visiting the Children's Hospital Lahore — Aqeel Ahmad Cheema & Abida Ijaz

Spread of Hepatitis through Orthodontic Clinics — Farida Rashid & Musakhar Z Butt

The Management of an Oroantral Fistula —A Clinical Study of 30 Cases — Mohammad Saleh Elarbi

Pyogenic Granuloma – Review —Kamran Ali, Muhammad Rafique Chatha, Navid Rashid & Mahwish Raja

Clinical and Radiological Behaviour of Dentigerous Cyst – Study —Muslim Khan & Abdus Salam

Nasolabial Cyst: A Rare Presentation to the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon —Muhammad Usman Akhtar, Nasar Nooh & Adnan Ali Shah

Current Concepts in Central Giant Cell Granuloma — Muhammad Rafique Chattha, Kamran Ali, Adnan Aslam, Bilal Afzal & Muhammad Asif Shahzad

Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Bacterial Endocarditis: A Survey of Current Practices among Dentists in Riyadh — Nouf Al Hammad

Efficacy of Periopheral Glycerol Injection in the Management of Trigeminal Neuralgia — Aqib Sohail, Mohammad Saeed & Samir Riaz Qazi

Diabetes Mellitus and its Oral Complications: A Brief Review —Khalid A Bin Abdulrahman

Oral Health Knowledge and Sources of Information in Parents of Saudi Disabled Children - Dana Al-Bader,Lama Al-Athel, Amjad H Wyne & Arham N Chohan

The Effect of Various Factors on Saudi Mothers' Beliefs Regarding Symptoms Associated with Teething — Ebtissam Z Murshid

A Rare Case of Adolescent Idiopathic Gingival Hyperplasia — Zubair Babar & Muhammad Kaleem

School-based Oral Health Education in Pakistan – The Need and Possible Strategies — Abdul Haleem & Ayyaz Ali Khan

Bond Compatibility of Low-Fusing Porcelain to Recast Titanium — Khalid A Al Wazzan, Ibrahim Al Hussaini & Ahmad A Al Nazzawi

Bruxism in Dentistry – An Overview — Veena Hegde

A Method for Fractured Tooth Temporization —Mohammed A Al-Rashed

Current Concepts on Dental Plaque and the Microbiology of Periodontitis and Dental Caries – A Concise Review — Nezar Noor Al-Hebshi & Nils Skaug

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