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Volume 36, No. 1 March 2016(S) Jamadi-us-Sani 1437 AH (New Quarterly)


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Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery: Buccal fat pad in reconstruction of oral defects — Muslim Khan,
Nigam Sattar, Tariq Ahmad
Effects of surgery duration on post-extraction sequelae following impacted third molar surgery by using two different bone cutting methods; a double blind randomized trial — Kehkishan Azam, Azmina Hussain, Afsheen Maqsood, Waqas Ahmed Farooqui
Pattern of presentation of mandibular condylar fractures in relation with known risk factors —
Malik Ali Hassan Sajid, Shaker Mehmood, Khurram Latif, Riaz Ahmed Warraich
Oral submucous fibrosis — A study — Yousuf A Lakdawala, Rida Arshad, Syeda Maria Fakhar
Interruption of warfarin before dental surgery: A basic study from Peshawar — Abdul Wahid, Syed Amjad Shah, Shahjehan Katpar, Muhammad Raza
Tooth embedded in upper lip after dento-alveolar trauma: a case report — Saad Shahnawaz Ahmed, Hira Zaman, Rabia Awais, Anser Maxood
Cleidocranial dysplasia- a case report and literature review — Sarfaraz Khan, Syed Asif Haider Shah, Farman Ali, Dil Rasheed
Transpharyngeal approach for eagle syndrome — case report and literature review — Asfandyar Luni, Zainab Abdullah, Muhammad Afzal, Syed Gulzar Ali Bukhari, Babar Pasha
Oral Medicine: Association of oral lichen planus with Hepatitis-C and diabetes mellitus — Syed Murad Ali Shah, Jawad Ahmad Kundi, Muhammad Shahid Khan Khattak, Muhammad Ilyas, Faryal Gul, Salman Khan
Evaluation of dental record keeping at Hamdard Univeristy Dental Hospital — Ayesha Basit, Syed Muzzamil Ali Shah, Rafey Ahmed Jameel, Muhammad Azeem
Investigating psychosocial impact of cleft lip and palate on patients and parents — Syed Yousif Ali Shah, Shahid Ali Mirani, Muhammad Ameen Sahito
A 5-years retrospective study of oral pathological lesions in 425 Saudi patients — Yousef Musarrah Alanazi, Mohammad Raji Alrwuili, Khurram Latif, Nasser Attallah Alenzi, Badar Awadh Alenzi, Mohammed Ahmed Aljabab
Drug prescribing patterns in dental teaching hospitals — Raiha Waheed, Rafia Shaheen, Fatima Amin, Saleha Sadeequa
Oral Pathology: Morphological changes in oral mucosa of rabbits induced by light emitting diode (LED) used as dental curing light — Abdul Khaliq, Nadia Naseem, Rabia Anjum, AH Nagi
Oral Biology: The study of demineralized and remineralized enamel & hydroxyapatite using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) — Adil Durrani, Muhammad Anwaar Alam, Mustafa Qadeer, Saira Atif
Orthodontics: Effect of diabetes mellitus on orthodontic tooth movement in a rat model — Arfan ul Haq, Waheed-ul-Hamid, Hafiz Shaker Mahmood, Shabbir Hussain, Sameen Irfan
The relation between the mesiodistal crown widths of the deciduous second molars and the permanent first molars — Tahira Hussain, Ghulam Rasool, Fatima tu Zahra, Umar Hussain, Saira Bano
Prevalence and localization of impacted canine among al-qurayyat orthodontic patients: a study conducted over the period of 4 years — Mohammad Raji Alrwuili, Yousef Musarrah Alanazi, Nasser Attallah Alenzi, Khurram Latif, Mohammed Ahmed Aljabab, Mohamad Mosbah Sabsabi
Comparison between ibuprofen and chewing gum for orthodontic pain control — M Waheed-ul-Hamid, Arfan ul Haq, Hafiz Shaker Mahmood, Muhammad Azeem, Sameen Irfan
Average tooth size in south Jordanian population — Amjad M Al Warawreh, Mohammed A Al-Qudah,
Emad A Shtaiwi AlBdour, Tamara Trad Al Zoubi, Mohammed H Ammoush, Lana A Obeidat
Prevalence of dental anomalies in orthodontic patients — Fatima-Tu-Zahra, Ghulam Rasool, Tahira Hussain, Irfan Aslam Khattak, Umar Hussain
Comparison of collum angle of maxillary central incisors in class ii div 1 & 2 malocclusions — Junaid Israr, Nadia Bhutta, M Rafique Chatha
Association of temporomandibular joint sounds with malocclusion — Shakeel Qutub Khan, Durreshawar Agha, Babur Ashraf, Nabeel Qutub Khan
Pedodontics: A comparison of impact strength of reattached incisor tooth fragments using different restorative materials: an in vitro study — Vineet Inder Singh Khinda, Puneet Dang, Paramjit Khinda, Gurlal Singh Brar, Shiminder Kallar
Community Dentistry: Oral health survey of school children of Gohawa Village, Lahore — Amna Fakhar, Samir Riaz Qazi, Amal Abdul Majid
Association between socio-demographic features, oral hygiene practices & oral health utilization services among patients seen at AFID — Muhammad Kaleem, Marya Jawad
Prevalence of dental caries of one grade school children in Karachi — Sana Mubarak, Asma Hayat, Shazia Akbar
Restorative Dentiatry: Effect of occlusal reduction on post instrumentation pain in patients with
acute irreversible pulpitis — Hira Zaman, Saad Shahnawaz Ahmed
Success rate of vitapex ® as an obturating material in primary molars — Muzzamil Jamil Ahmed Rana, Hafiz Rabbi ul Ehsan, Madihal Batool
Dental Materials: Sorption and solubility of biodentine new restorative material — Ali A Razooki Al-Shekhli, Isra'a Al Aubi, Nisreen A Jaafar, Madeha M Al- Nuami
A comparative analysis of adhesion and bond strength of bioactive obturating materials with root dentin — Khawaja Rashid Hassan, Muhammad Rizwan, Sadia Rashid
  Prosthodontics: Management of uncorrected cleft lip – an innovative prosthodontic approach —
G Tasneem Raji, E Eshona Pearl, T Sreelal, Aparna Mohan, Giri Chandramohan
Comparison of occlusal schemes in complete denture patients — Muzamal Maqsood Butt,
Mubashir Sharif, Azad Ali Azad
A survey on current impression techniques and materials used for complete denture fabrication practiced by private dental practitioners in Sindh — Imran Samejo, Aamir Mehmood Butt, Muhammad Amin Sahito
Preferred methods for the selection of artificial teeth in a complete denture patient in a tertiary care hospital at Rawalpindi — Salma Muhammadi, Syed Hammad Hassan, Azad Ali Azad, Mubashir Sharif
Awareness about prosthodontic treatment for missing natural teeth among patients seen at AFID — Azad Ali Azad, Salma Muhammadi, Ayesha Aslam, Syed Hammad Hassan, Shoaib Rahim
Effect of curing regimes on physical properties of heat cure acrylic resin — Saleha Nisar, Faisal Moeen, Yawar Hayat Khan
Impression techniques used by dental surgeons in different institutes — A study — Bushra Jabeen, Shumaila Isra, Yasir Ilyasm, Mohammad Kazim
Frequency of complications with conventional dentures — Turab Khan, Juanaidullah Khan,
Munir Khan
Ergonomic hazards to dental surgeons: a cross-sectional study — Bushra Rehman, Ayesha Aslam, Afsheen Ali, Anum Tariq
The embouchure denture — “a double reed musician’s delight” — E Eshona Pearl, G Tasneem Raji, T Sreelal, Anuroopa, Aparna Mohan, Giri Chandramohan

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