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Welcome to Pakistan Oral and Dental Journal

The oldest dental journal of Pakistan (established in 1981). From here it is easy to find some basic information about the journal by clicking on a menu options above.

Journal Edition Vol 27, No 1,  June 2007,  (New Quarterly) Full Text

Esthetic and Functional Outcomes of a Post-Ankylosed Case – An Interdisciplinary Approach: Use of Stainless Steel Surgical Screws for Orthodontic Anchorage Control in an Adult Patient — Mervyn M Hosein, Abdul Mudassir, Ayesha Noor Malik & Shikoh Naz

Presurgical Orthodontic Management and Secondary Bone Graft in the Cleft Patients — Abida Ijaz & Saeed Ashraf Cheema

The Impacts of Amalgam Overhang Removal on Periodontal Parameters and Gingival Crevicular Fluid Volume — Sameer A Mokeem

Diagnostic Efficacy of Digital and Conventional Radiography in Periapical Bone Lesions —Maryam Javidi, Laila Razie, Mehdi Ghafooriyan & Mohammad Taghi Shakeri

Therapeutic Gamma Radiation: Effects on Microhardness and Structure of Current Composite Restorative Materials —Khaled Al-Saif

Comparison of Radiographic and Electronic Working Length in Anterior Teeth —Halima Sadia Qazi, Anser Maxood & Saeeda Abdullah

Dental Pain – A Case of Missed Diagnosis — Syed Shoaeb Ahmed & Muhammad Imran Saeed

A Survey of the use of Space Maintainers by Private Dentists in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia — Yousef H Al-Dlaigan

Self-Perception of Malocclusion of Saudi Patients using the Aesthetic Component of the IOTN Index —Sahar F Albarakati

Periodontal Evaluation of AFID Cadets in Lower Anterior Crowding — Iffat Batool, Assad Abbas Zaidi & S Ausaf Ali Rizvi

Prediction of the Sizes of Unerupted Canines and Premolars in Pakistani Subjects — Usman Yousaf & Abida Ijaz

Oral Hygiene Status of Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment — Saqib Naeem & M Rafique Chatha

Cephalometric Characteristics of Class II Malocclusion: Gender Dimorphism — Rehan Qamar & Naseer Ahmad Chaudry

Essential Guidelines for Forensic Dentistry — Muneer Gohar Babar, Shaheed Iqbal & Adil Jan

Features and Management of Mono-Ostotic Fibrous Dysplasia of the Jaws – A Study —Muslim Khan, Syed Murad Ali Shah & Qiam Ud Din

Prevalence of Torus Palatinus among 300 Indonesian Patients — S Gulzar Ali Bukhari, Shahid Shuja Qazi,Tariq Mehmood Awan, Azad Ali Azad & Muhammad Zeeshan

Characteristics and Etiology of Zygomatic Complex Fractures — Zahur Qayyum, Asmatullah Khan & Umer Khitab

Characteristics and Etiology of Radicular Cyst – A Study — Asmatullah Khan, Zahoor Qayyum & M Umar Farooq

Pattern and Management of Mandibular Fractures: A Study Conducted on 264 Patients —Amjad Shah, Adnan Ali Shah & Abdus Salam

An Assessment of Clinical Productivity of Dental Interns at King Saud University — Walid Sadig

Gagging and its Management — Mehmood Hussain , Bilal Ahmed & Nazia Yazdanie

Transverse Strength of Acrylic Resin Denture Base Material after Addition of Different Fibres —Amjad Rahamneh, Abdelmajeed Abdellateef & Talaat Mneizel

Relationship of Age, Gender and Skin Tone to Shades of Permanent Maxillary Central Incisors —Azad Ali Azad, Salman Ahmad, Majid Zia & Mubashir Sharif

Hollow Bulb Obturator: A Blessing for Maxillectomy Patients – A Case Report —Bilal Ahmed, Mehmood Hussain & Nazia Yazdanie

Bleaching Knowledge among Young Females in Secondary Schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia —Salwa A Alsadhan, Amal Al-Awdah, Ameera Al-Abdulwahid & Sumiah Ajlan

The Fluoridation Controversy — Rubina Mumtaz

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