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Welcome to Pakistan Oral and Dental Journal

The oldest dental journal of Pakistan (established in 1981). From here it is easy to find some basic information about the journal by clicking on a menu options above.

Journal Edition Vol 26, No 1,  June 2006,  (New Quarterly) Full Text

Innovations — Molar Distalization with Modified Palatal Distalizer —Abida ljaz, Asma Shafique & Junid Israr

Quadrilateral Analysis of Saudi Adults with Anterior Openbite —Mohammed T Bukhary

Digital Imaging for an Efficient Orthodontic Practice —Haroon Shahid Qazi, Sheze Haroon Qazi & Cenk Ceylanoglu

Implants for Orthodontic Anchorage – Review —Sheraz Burki & Tabassum Ahsan

Planning Orthodontic Stability —Hameedullah Jan Marwat

Prevalence of Carious Lesions in Early and Late Mixed Dentition Orthodontic Patients - H R Sukhia, Samreen Ahmed & M Ashraf Ayub

Proportion of Maxillary Vertical Excess in Dental Patients Visiting the Children's Hospital Lahore — Aqeel Ahmad Cheema & Abida Ijaz

Spread of Hepatitis through Orthodontic Clinics — Farida Rashid & Musakhar Z Butt

The Management of an Oroantral Fistula —A Clinical Study of 30 Cases — Mohammad Saleh Elarbi

Pyogenic Granuloma – Review —Kamran Ali, Muhammad Rafique Chatha, Navid Rashid & Mahwish Raja

Clinical and Radiological Behaviour of Dentigerous Cyst – Study —Muslim Khan & Abdus Salam

Nasolabial Cyst: A Rare Presentation to the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon —Muhammad Usman Akhtar, Nasar Nooh & Adnan Ali Shah

Current Concepts in Central Giant Cell Granuloma — Muhammad Rafique Chattha, Kamran Ali, Adnan Aslam, Bilal Afzal & Muhammad Asif Shahzad

Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Bacterial Endocarditis: A Survey of Current Practices among Dentists in Riyadh — Nouf Al Hammad

Efficacy of Periopheral Glycerol Injection in the Management of Trigeminal Neuralgia — Aqib Sohail, Mohammad Saeed & Samir Riaz Qazi

Diabetes Mellitus and its Oral Complications: A Brief Review —Khalid A Bin Abdulrahman

Oral Health Knowledge and Sources of Information in Parents of Saudi Disabled Children - Dana Al-Bader,Lama Al-Athel, Amjad H Wyne & Arham N Chohan

The Effect of Various Factors on Saudi Mothers' Beliefs Regarding Symptoms Associated with Teething — Ebtissam Z Murshid

A Rare Case of Adolescent Idiopathic Gingival Hyperplasia — Zubair Babar & Muhammad Kaleem

School-based Oral Health Education in Pakistan – The Need and Possible Strategies — Abdul Haleem & Ayyaz Ali Khan

Bond Compatibility of Low-Fusing Porcelain to Recast Titanium — Khalid A Al Wazzan, Ibrahim Al Hussaini & Ahmad A Al Nazzawi

Bruxism in Dentistry – An Overview — Veena Hegde

A Method for Fractured Tooth Temporization —Mohammed A Al-Rashed

Current Concepts on Dental Plaque and the Microbiology of Periodontitis and Dental Caries – A Concise Review — Nezar Noor Al-Hebshi & Nils Skaug

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