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The oldest dental journal of Pakistan (established in 1981). From here it is easy to find some basic information about the journal by clicking on a menu options above.

Journal Edition Vol 31, No 2 December 2011 Muharram-ul-Haram 1432 H  (New) Full Text...

Distraction osteogenesis for correcting mandibular hypoplasia in children R Sathyanarayanan, R Karthikeyan & A Balatandayoudam

Evaluation of secondary alveolar bone grafting procedures Azhar Sheikh, Ulfat Bashir, Owais Khalid Durrani, Rafia Aneeqa Lahooti & Mohsin Fazal

Double blind placebo controlled study on "efficacy of lignocaine pretreatment in reducing pain during injection of propofol" in patients undergoing elective maxillofacial surgeries Mohammad Akbar Shah, Abdul Waheed Mir, Shaeeb Mustafa, Shabeer Ahmad Wani, Firdose Safi, Gazi Parvex Ahmad & Nadeem Ahmad Bhat

Efficacy of greater auricular nerve infiltration anesthesia in patients having less than optimal analgesia after conventional inferior alveolar nerve block for surgical removal of mandibular third molar Sahrish Liaqat, Afeefa Ehsan & Syed Gulzar Ali Bukhari

Awareness of needlestick injuries among the dental health professionals at Lahore Medical & Dental College Muhammad Ashfaq, Mohammad Rafique Chatha & Aqib Sohail

Hazards of pressure pack Zahur Qayyum, Syed Amjad Shah, Shahid Khan & Faisal Pasha

Post management complications of fracture mandible at the angle an analysis Ahmad Shah & Zia-ur-Rahman Qureshi

Pattern of facial fractures in children Abdul Munem & Mohammad Raza

Temporomandibular disorders Muhammad Farhan Khan, Sadia Gull & Muhammad Rafique Chatha

Removal of third molars should we have guidelines for surgery? Amber Kiyani, Mohammad Azhar Sheikh & Anum Ashfaq

Bilateral multiple parotid calculi Ahmad A Al-Share, Mamoon M Fnaish, Ahmad M Al-Alawneh & Mohammad Jarah

Unusual cause of mandibular fracture in a Nigerian girl OA Adesina, O James & HO Olasoji

Kikuchis-Fujimoto disease Muslim Khan, Qiam Ud Din & Sana Wazir

Prevalence of chronic orofacial pain in a clinical sample Javed A Qazi, Misri Khan & Abdul Haseeb Qzi

C-reactive protein as a prognostic indicator of oral squamous cell carcinoma a retrospective study Faraz Ahmed Tariq, Omer Sefvan Janjua & Umair Khan

Diabetic patients; level of awareness about oral health knowledge, attitude and practices Rehana Yasmeen Bangash, Abid Ullah Khan , Dil Rasheed & Mazoor Ahmed Manzoor

Immunohistochemical expression of protein p53 in oral epithelial dysplasia and oral squamous cell carcinoma Nighat Ara, Muhammad Atique, Syed Gulzar Ali Bukhari, Farhan Akhter, Shahid Jamal, Tariq Sarfraz & Tahir Khadim

Tumorogensis: Evasion of apoptosis by the cance cells Joharia Azhar

Halitosis Farzeen Tanwir & Imran Abdul Momin

Dental anomalies in children in North Jordan Mamoon M Fnaish, Ahmad M Alawneh,Da'ameh M Da'ameh & Ahmad A Al-Shre

Dental caries and its association with diet among female primary school children in Riyadh City Ibrahim M Al-Majed

Lip morphology: A factor leading to bimaxillary dentoalveolar protrusion Abida Ijaz, Amna Sheikh & Junaid Israr 

Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-8 (MMP-8) gene in patients with fixed orthodontic appliances Susilowati & Imam Mudjari

Correlation among different profile planes used to evaluate lower lip position Syeda Rabbab Hasan & Ulfat Bashir Raja

Oral hygiene measures in orthodontic treatment in Northern Jordan Da'ameh M Da'ameh, Ibraheem Al-Shorman, Nabeel Al-Shdeifat & Mamoon M Fnaish

Impacted and displaced maxillary canines treated by fixed and removable appliances Farida Rashid

Role of malocclusion in tension type headache Ibrahim Al-Shorman & Nabeel Shdeifat

Arch form analyses: A comparison of two differernt methods Asma Shafique, Tayyaba Saleem & M Rafique Chatha

Frequency of cleft lip and palate and associated dental anomalies at Islamic International Dental Hospital, Islamabad Omer Hafeez Kaleem & Ulfat Bashir

The cephalometric measurement of "L1-APO distance" in a Pakistani sample Rabia Bilal & Amjad Mahmood

Temporomandibular dysfunction and malocclusion in South Jordanian children and adolescents Mohammad Odeh Al-Ma'ani & Ibraheem Khresat

Prevalence of malocclusion in Lethrar A suburb of Islamabad Shahzeb Patoli & Farida Rashid

Class II division 2 malocclusion; Cephalometric skeletal evaluation Ch Rehan Qamar & Marryam Riaz

Prevalence of dental caries in the permanent dentition of patients seeking orthodontic treatment in Bara Kahu Haroon Shahid Qazi, Saima Azam, M Saleem Khurram & Afeef Umar Zia

The role of third molar in orthodontic treatment Naif A Bindayel

Effects of drugs on periodontal tissue remodeling and clinical responses to orthodontic mechanotherapy Nabeel Abdel Kareem Shdayfat

Prevalence of oral submucous fibrosis and use of tobacco and related products amongst school going males Syed Mumtaz Ali, Rehan Qureshi & Syed Jamal

Dental ailments among low and high socioeconomic status school children aged 11-12 years Manzar Anwar Khan, Dilabaz Khan & Zia Ur Rahman Qureshi

Awareness about oral cancer among non medical university students of Peshawar Bushra Mehbood, Ehtesham Khan & Muslim Khan

Oral health attitudes, knowledge and behavior amongst high and low socioeconomic school going children in Lahore, Pakistan Bilal Abdul Qayyum Mirza, Ayma Syed, Faisal Izhar & Ayyaz Ali Khan

An assessment of the awareness and satisfaction concerning dental insurance among employees in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hassan S Halawany, Nawaf S Alhussainan, Adis Alghanem, Fawaz A Farrash & Nassr Al-Maflehi

Prevalence of cusp of carabelli in permanent teeth in a group from Khyber Pakhtukhwa, Pakistan Dila Baz Khan, Manzar Anwar Khan & Mushtaq Khattak

Marginal adaptation of a self-etch adhesive/silorane-based resin cmposite in class V restorations Mashael Mohammad Bin Hasan & Khaled Al-Saif

Pattern of root canals in maxillary second premolars Fahid Khalid, Nadia Aman & Saeeda Abdullah

Prevalence of Palato gingival groove in maxillary lateral incisors Naveed Iqbal, Sobia Masood Tirmazi, Hanna Abdul Majeed & Muhammad Bader Munir

Prophylactic use of antibiotics to prevent flare-up in endodontic treatment Syed Imran Shah, Zahur Qayyum, Shafqat Ali Shah, Shahid Khan & Faisal Pasha

Evaluation of antimicrobial effect of root canal sealers Emad Al-Shwaimi

Bone healing of cyst-likeperiapical lesion following surgical endodontics: A case report Muhammad Bader Munir, Naveed Iqbal, Sobia Masood Tirmazi & Hanna Abdul Majeed

Effect of dried roasted seeds on tooth surface loss Riyad Al-Habahbeh, Mohammad Al-Beyari, Samer Al-Jutaily, Najla S Dar-Odeh & Osama A Abu-Hammad

Comparative evaluation of shear bond strength of a self-etch adhesive system and total-etch adhesive system to normal human permanent dentin with and without carisolv treatment DS Dinesh

Pre-clinical operative dentistry: Students viewpoints Alia Ahmed, Maryam Hasan & Adil Shahnawaz

Distribution of dental caries and its relationship to risk factors Saima Azam, M Saleem Khurram, Mohtada Hassan, Fatima Iqbal & Sana Iqbal

Degree of conversion and surface hardness of two nano-composites compared to three other tooth-colored restorative materials Nadia Malek Taher

Effect of primers on the shear bond strength of two types of acrylic resin to Co-Cr partial denture alloy Mohsin Ali

Relationship of the inter condylar distance with maxillary intercanine distance Irfan Ahmed Shaikh, Khezran Qamar & Sajid Naeem

Prosthetic rehabilitation of maxillectomy patient with telescopic dentures C Ramu, TV Padmanabhan, Ahmed Hasan Jibran

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