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The oldest dental journal of Pakistan (established in 1981). From here it is easy to find some basic information about the journal by clicking on a menu options above.

Journal Edition Vol 28, No 2,  December 2008,  (New Quarterly) Full Text

Management of Vertical Excess in Bimaxillary Hypoplasia with Custom made Frontal High-Pull Head Gear —Abida Ijaz & Junaid Israr

Applicability of Melgaco Equations for Predicting the Size of Unerupted Mandibular Canines and Premolars in Patients Reporting to Islamic International Dental Hospital, Islamabad — Ghulam Rasool, Ulfat Bashir, Ibad Ullah Kundi, Noeen Arshad Owais Khalid Durrani & Sohrab Shaheed

Orthodontic Uprighting of Impacted Mandibular Permanent Second Molar — A Case Report — Hameedullah Jan, Asif Khurshid & Amjad Naeem

Canine Retraction: Efficacy of Methods Applied Over theYears – A Systematic Review — Sana Misbah, Ulfat Bashir, Ghulam Rasool, Noeen Arshad & Sadaf Asrar

Prevalence of Deep Bite in Orthodontic Patients — Saqib Naeem, Saad Asad & M Waheed-ul-Hamid

Soft Tissue Facial Profile Analysis in Patients with Class I and Class II Skeletal Pattern Visiting Children's Hospital, Lahore — Arshad Hameed, Junaid Israr Khan & Abida Ijaz

Co-relation between Bolton Ratio, Anterior Bolton Ratio and Different Vertical Growth Patterns — Saad Asad, Saqib Naeem & Waheed-ul-Hamid

Enamel Decalcification in Orthodontic Patients; Prevalence & Oral Distribution – A Cross Sectional Study — Hoshang Rumi Sukhia, M Ashraf Ayub & Dinaz Ghandhi 

Soft Tissue Morphology in Bimaxillary Proclination — Naseer Ahmad Chaudhry, Mubassar Fida & Rehan Qamar

In Vitro Comparison of Shear Bond Strength of Transbond XT and Heliosit Orthodontic as Direct Bracket Bonding Adhesives — Owais Khalid Durrani, Noeen Arshad, Ghulam Rasool, Ulfat Bashir, Ibad Ullah Kundi & Sohrab Shaheed

Upper Lip Strain in Bimaxillary Proclination — Mubassar Fida, Naseer Ahmad Chaudhry & Rehan Qamar

Mild Skeletal Class III Malocclusion Treated Non-Surgical with a Combination of Compensation Mechanics and Fixed Orthodontic Appliance: A Case Report — Haroon Shahid Qazi, Muhammad Amad Ali & Fawad Saeed Ahmad

Air Gun Pellet in Maxillary Sinus — Qiam-ud-Din

Oral Fibro-Histiocytic Lesions: Immuno-Histological Investigation and Review of an Unusual Presentation in the Tongue — Ayesha Syed Sheema H Hasan & Mervyn M Hosein

A Rational Management Approach to an Odontogenic Keratocyst (A Long Term Follow-up) — Aqib Sohail & Tayyaba Rafiq

Diagnosis & Management of Cleft Lip & Palate by Primary Health Care Workers — HO Olasoji, Abubakar Hassan & TO Ligali

Reasons for Extraction of Teeth in Central Region of Jordan — Fawwaz-Shayem Al-Sharafat & Abdul Rahman Salem Al-Nerish

The Role of Peripheral Neurectomies in the Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia in Modern Practice — Syed Amjad Shah, Adnan Khattak, Faisal Ali Shah & Zahid Khan

Comparison of Analgesic Efficacy of Tramadol Hydrochloride with Diclofenac Sodium in Dento-Alveolar Surgery — Irfan Shah, Khalid Zaeem, Mohammad Wasim Ibrahim, Iftikhar Hussain & Ayub Hassan 

Prevalence of Overhang Interproximal Amalgam Restorations — Khalid S Al-Hamdan

Evaluation of Calcified Carotid Artery Atheromas Detected by Panoramic Radiograph above 50-year-old in Isfahan — Mojdeh Mehdizadeh & Ema Naghavi 

Direct Pulp Capping: Degree of Bleeding is a Strong Candidate as Prognosis Index, In-Vitro Study — Feroze Ali Kalhoro & Shahjahan Katpar

Risk Factors for Dental Caries in Pakistani Children — Saeeda Abdullah, Anser Maxood, Noosheen Asim Khan & Waheed Ullah Khan

Relationship of Intracanal Irrigants to Inter-Appointment Pain in Endodontics — Muhammad Badar Munir, Shahzad Ali Shah & Amna Masood

Radiographic Technical Quality of Root Canal Fillings Performed by House Surgeons in the Isalamic International Dental College: A Pilot Study — A Ahmed, O Khattak, H Ali, A Maqbool, A Shahnawaz, G Azhar & A Shamim

Caries and Oral Hygiene Status among A Group of Saudi Cleft Lip and Palate Children — Arham N Chohan & Amjad H Wyne

The Concept of Health Promoting School in Relation to Oral Health in East London, UK—Shujaat Hasan Idris & Nazli Gul Shujaat

Influence of Perceived Provider Performance on Satisfaction with Oral Health Care Services among Intermediate Female School Children In Riyadh City — Aljohara Al-Hussyeen

Relationship Between Ethnicity and Traumatic Dental Injuries among 14-year-old Children in Newham — A Deprived Area of London — Nazli G Shujaat & Shujaat H Idris 

Prevalence of Smoking among Health Care Providers in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia — Azizah Al-Mobeeriek, Ayat Al-Zaki, Laila Al-Duhailan & Tahra Al-Habboubi

Children's Attitude to the use of Gloves by Dentists — Fuad H Al-Moherat & Karam H Abu Shagra

Assessment of the Relation between Patients Attitude and Patients Satisfaction with Complete Dentures — Al Sharafat, F

Humane and Holistic Approach to Health — Sirajuddin Ahmed

Hepatitis – Control in Dental Practice — Zafar Ahmed Khan & Khalid Almas

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