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The oldest dental journal of Pakistan (established in 1981). From here it is easy to find some basic information about the journal by clicking on a menu options above.

Journal Edition Vol 25, No 2,  December 2005,  Zulqaada 1426H (New Quarterly) Full Text

Rotated or Displaced Developing Tooth Crypts at Mandibular Fracture sites and their Management - Adnan All Shah & Muhammad Usman Akhtar

Management of Acute Dental Trauma Fragment Reattachment M S Muthu & D Arunachalam

Unusual Mandibular Fractures of very Young Children and their Management at Tertiary Dental Care Centers -Muhammad Usman Akhtar & Adnan Ali Shah

Socio-Economic and Cultural Background of Parents with Non-Syndromic Cleft Lip and/or Palate Children in Northern Nigeria H 0 Olasoji, 0 0 Adeosun & A 0 Adesina

Single Plate Management of Mandibular Fractures with Immediate Post Operative Functional Recovery Sabir Hussain

Management of Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis: Literature Review Zubair Khan

Effectiveness of Auricular Electrical Stimulation in Treatment of Patients with Temporomandibular Dysfunction Pain Maysara Al-Shawaf Hanan Al-Sonbul & Afraa Murriki

Trigeminal Neuralgia: A Study on 242 Patients Umar Khitab, Muslim Khan, Rahman Ud Din, Abdul Wahid & Atta Ur Rahman

Expression and Role of Protease-Activated Receptor-2 in Cancer Literature Review -  Syed Abbas Raza Shah & Syed Ali Khurram

Histopathological Gradation of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Niswar (Snuff) Dippers -  Muslim Khan & Umer Khitab

Comparison of Postoperative Pain Normal Saline Vs Sodium Hypochlorite as Irrigants -  Shahid Shuja Qazi, Manzoor Ahmed Manzoor, Rizwan Qureshi & Hannan Humayun Khan

Healing of Periapical Radioluencies Associated with Single Visit, Two Visits and Multiple Visits Endodontics -Abdul Ghani Pathan & Muhammad Muslim Khahro

Innovations Nasoalveolar Molding with Modified Orthopedic Plate at the Cleft Centre of Childrens Hospital & Institute of Child Health Lahore Abida Ijaz & Saima Zahid 

Vertical Reference Plane: Used to Assess Cephalometric Features of a Pakistani Sample Waheed-ul-Hamid, Saad Asad & Iffat Batool

A Comparison Between DAI and SCAN in Assessing Treatment Need - Iffat Batool Syed, Saad Asad & Rashna Firoze Aga

Cephalometric Characteristics of Class II Malocclusion in a Pakistani Sample Rehan Qamar & M Waheed-ut-Hameed

Orthodontics for Adults Hameed Ullah Jan

Effect of Recasting Ti-6A1-4V Alloy on the Internal and Marginal Accuracy of Complete Cast Crown   Ahmad A Al-Nazzawi & Khalid A Al-Wazzan

Prosthetic Restoration of a Nasal Defect after Ablative Surgery: A Case Report Veena Hedge & Prasabha Sharma

Observer Agreement on Radiographic Assessment of Mental Foramen Appearance in Panoramic Radiographs Wafa'a Al-Faleh & Ahmed A Zahrani 

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