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The oldest dental journal of Pakistan (established in 1981). From here it is easy to find some basic information about the journal by clicking on a menu options above.

Journal Edition Vol 33, No 2 August 2013 Shawal-ul-Mukaram 1434 H (New Quarterly)

Ectodermal Dysplasia Syndrome with Cleft palate, Hypodontia, Metatarsus adductus and Imperforate anus: A New Syndrome? — Umair Khan, Rabia Aziz, Ghazala Hassan, Tahira Zafar, Sahar Iqrar  

Hepatitis B And Dentistry — Deepak Thomas, S. Devakumari

Osteochondromatosis and the coronoid- zygomatic pseudojoint (Jacob’s disease) as an unusual cause of midfacial asymmetry and jaw restriction — Mervyn M Hosein

Incidence of Alveoloplasty and its Indications – Protocol To Reduce The Incidence — Asma Parvez, Mamoona A Malik, M Azhar Sheikh

Frequency, Etiology and Characterstics of Zygomatic Complex Fractures — Alamgir, Hifsa Hameed, Syed Majid Hussain Shah

Prevention of Alveolar Osteitis in Surgical Removal of Lower Third Molar — Kashif Ali Channar, Abdul Qadir Dall, Abdul Bari Memon, Ramesh Lal

Complications associated with intra oral cortical bone fixation screws for intermaxillary fixation in closed reduction of mandibular fractures — Mirza Hamid Baig, Suneel Kumar Punjabi, Wahab Kadri, Syed Mehmood Haider

Predesposing factors for the infection of mandibular third molar — Nida Murad, M. Younas Khan, Fatima Abdul Qaiyum

Complications associated with different treatment modalities of mandibular fracture — Ghulam Habib Arain, Muhammad Shahzad, Syed Ghazanfar Hassan, Arsalan Mirza

Alterations of p53 (gene mutation and protein expression) in oral epithelial dysplasia — Nighat Ara Bukhari, Muhammad Atique, Suhaib Ahmed, Mir Rizwan Ahmed, Gulzar Ali Bukhari

Fine needle aspiration cytology of oral lesions — Usha Isaac, John S Isaac, Amir D Isaac,

E-Cadherin expression, a valuable predictor of invasiveness in histological grades of oral squamous cell carcinoma — Mir Rizwan Ahmad, Muhammad Tahir Khadim, Nighat Ara Bukhari, Syed Gulzar Ali Bukhari

Prevalence of torus mandibularis among various ethnic groups in Karachi city: a cross sectional study — Daud Mirza, Nadeem Hafeez Khokhar, Shah jahan Katpar, Yawar Khan, Saman Hakeem, Mohammad Ayub Musani

Submandibular salivary gland neoplasms: a retrospective clinicopathological review of twenty eight patients at King Hussein Medical Center, Amman- Jordan — Hytham Farah Al-Rabadi, Lamees Abasi, Suliman Al-Zaidaneen, Ahmad Mustafa Al-Tarawneh

Number of rami of marginal mandibular nerve and its communication with other terminal motor branches of facial nerve in adult unclaimed cadavers – an anatomical study — Saira Atif, Riaz Ahmad Warriach, Najeeb Ullah Ghumman, Sadia Rana, Khalid Aziz, Nabeela Riaz, Asma Rafi Chaudhry, Um-e-Rubab Shirazi

Comparison of dental and alveolar arch widths in class i and class ii division 1 malocclusion — Nadia Bhutta, Junaid Israr, Abida Ijaz

Pre and post treatment dental analysis at lateral cephalograms — Farhat Amin, Fareeha Bakhari, Sulman Aziz

Frequency of bracket breakage & bond failure in patients, undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment at Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar — Ghulam Rasool, Hasan Ali Raza, Farhana Afzal, Wasim Ijaz, Syed Suleman Shah

Evaluation of oral hygiene instructions given to orthodontic patients by general dental practitioners of Sindh — Subuhi Ghani, Naresh Kumar, Abdul Jabbar, Muhammad Ishaque

Association of missing third molars with various skeletal patterns — Nadia Bhutta, Saima Razaq Khan Sadozai

Ccomparative performance of undergraduate students in objectively structured practical examinations and conventional orthodontic practical examinations — Asma Shafique

Short term effect of fixed orthodontic appliances on the periodontal health —Hind F Nsour, Ibrahim S Khresat, Jumana M Tbeishat, Rania E Rodan, Jehad A Ajarmeh

Bacteremia after orthodontic banding — Asma Rafi Chaudhry, Haris Khan, Saira Atif, Rubab Sherazi

Molding therapy of a complete bilateral cleft infant using ring plate with modified wire nasal stents — Abida Ijaz, Junaid Israr

Effect of maternal and early childhood illness on molar incisor hypomineralisation — Basma ALSakarna, Enas Othman, Samir Mohamed Al-Ofeishat

Reasons for extraction of primary teeth in Jordan — A study Hind F. Nsour, Nader A. Masarweh

Failure of eruption of primary maxillary central incisor Karam Abu Shakra, Najwa Nassrawin

Probiotics: an emerging prospect for the periodontal problems — Farzeen Tanwir, Umair Ahmed

Pregnancy related periodontits and its complications — Saira siyal, Farzeen Tanwir

Oral hygiene practice and awareness among Pakistanis in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia — Muhammad Fuad Khan Bangash, Jamroz Khan, Amjad Hanif

Caries prevalence among school children age 6-14 years in Gadap Town Karachi in relation to the awareness of their parents toward oral health — Asghar Ali, Shama Asghar, Seema Somoro

Concentration of fluoride in drinking water of certain areas of Lahore and its relationship to the severity of fluorosis — Sadia Rashid, Muhammad Rizwan

Dental caries prevalence in 3-8 year old children of army schools in Lahore — Bilal Abdul Qayum Mirza, Arham Nawaz Chohan, Muhammad Sajid, Ruba Akram Kahlown

Emotional intelligence and dental undergraduates — Qaiser Ali Baig

Crown fractures: frequency and associated causative factors among school children in District Khairpur – Sindh — Abdul Qadir Dall, Kashif Ali Channar, Naresh Kumar, Abdul Bari Memon

The importance of enamel deproteinization in clinical dentistry: a review — Sara Ijaz, Saima Chaudary, Faiza Awais, Mariyah Javed, Rabia Asad, Sobia Malik, Ayyaz Ali Khan

Causes of root canal failure noted in AFID — Dil Rasheed, Rehana Yasmeen, Abid Ullah Khan, Manzoor Ahmed Manzoor

Comparison of mean tooth attrition score in psychiatric patients with healthy individuals — Muhammad Amjad, Azad Ali Azad, Rabia Shafique

Determination of lower facial height through mandibular morphology using lateral cephalometery — Khezran Qamar, Sajid Naeem, Muhammad Farhan Khan

Comparison of two cooling procedures on linear dimensional change of heat cured acrylic maxillary complete denture base — Aqeel Ibrahim, Azad Ali Azad, Ayesha Sadaf

Significance of intercommissural width and anterior teeth selection — Muhammad Waqar Hussain, Khezran Qamar, Sajid Naeem

Frequency of denture induced fibrous hyperplasia among a sample of jordanian royal medical services dental patients — Zaid Al Zoubi, Ibrahim S Khresat, Rana A Omor, Musab A arabeyat, Mahasen S Ajarmeh

Rehablitation of a finger amputee with acrylic prosthesis — a case report — Anil V Koruthu, R Arun Jaikumar, Suma Karthigeyan, P.S. Manohar

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