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Welcome to Pakistan Oral and Dental Journal

The oldest dental journal of Pakistan (established in 1981). From here it is easy to find some basic information about the journal by clicking on a menu options above.

Journal Edition Vol 32, No 1 April 2012 Jamadi-us-Saani 1433H (New Quarterly) Full Text...

Role of botulinum toxin in the management of vertical maxillary excess - R Sathyanarayanan, R Karthikeyan & A Balatandayoudam

Is surgical treatment of gingival and palatal cysts of the newborns necessary? — Ghassan Saleh Ahmed Salama, Yahya Mohammad A Draidi, Fadi Farhan Ayyash, Fatema, Mohamed Zoher & Tahani G Al-Harbi

Success & evaluation of dental implant patients at Islamic International Dental College & Hospital —M. Azhar Sheikh, Seema Shafiq, Adnan Mehdi Syed & Mehreen Riaz

Orbital trapdoor fractures, when to intervene! the royal medical services experience — Zaid Al Zoubi & Nancy Al Raqqad

Prevalence of dry socket related to gender and site — Abdul Qadus, Zahur Qayyum, Shahjahan Katpar, Syed Amjad Shah & Abdus Salam

Solcoseryl dental adhesive paste for prevention of alveolar osteitis — Hytham Farah Al-Rabadi, Amjad Al-Warawreh, Salem Al-Saraireh, Mohammad Al-Qudah

Pattern and presentation of oral white lesions — Nasir Jamal Baig, Muhammad Wasim Ibrahim, Syed Gulzar Ali Bukhari, Uzair Luqman,Muhammad Junaid & Irfan Shah

Cross infection control — Asfand Ali Khan, Omair Javed, Muslim Khan, Bushra Mehboob & Sidra Baig

Management of a maxillofacial trauma patient on warfarin — Sana Wazir, Muslim Khan & Qiam ud Din

Displacement of maxillary third molar in the infra-temporal fossa — Mirza Hamid Baig, Suneel Kumar Punjabi & Muslim Khan

Oral Medicine: Frequency of xerostomia in patients suffering from hepatitis B and C — Omer Sefvan Janjua, Arslan Manzoor, Mariam Syed, Rabeea Jamil, Tanveer Abbas & Yusra Amjad

Haim munk syndrome: Two siblings of southern Pakistan treated with acitretin — Umair Khan, Sahar Iqrar & Laila Khalid

Oral Pathology: Awareness regarding screening of oral cancers in young dental graduate — Farhat Kazmi, Sadia Iqbal, Muhammad Mumtaz & Saad Asad

Periodontics: Relationship between periodontal disease, tooth loss and cancer — Farzeen Tanwir, Sadia & Dua Shaukat

Pediatric Dentistry: Dental management of haemophilic pediatric patients — Nouman Noor, Anser Maxood & Rubina Mumtaz

Mean age and chief complaint of the Jordanian children on their first dental visit — Yahya MA Draidi, Ayman FM Al-Olaimat, Enas FH Othman & Muath MT Guzlan

Impact of total parenteral nutrition on deciduous tooth eruption of very low birthweight premature infants — Ghassan Saleh Ahmed Salama, Yahya Mohammad A Draidi & Fadi Farhan Ayyash

Age and gender differences in gonial angle, ramus height and bigonial width in dentate subjects —Raghda Al-Shamout, Mohammad Ammoush, Raed Alrbata & Ahmad Al-Habahbah

Social barriers towards orthodontic treatment need — Zubair H Awaisi, Saad Asad & Amjad Mahmood

Relationship among intercanine width, intermolar width and arch length in upper and lower arches —Farhat Amin, Fareeha Bakhari & Rabail Alam

Possible adverse tissue reactions related to orthodontic treatment — Farida Rashid

Effect of bleaching on shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets — Taimur Khan, Babar Ahad, Tahir Ali Khan & Amjid Naseer

Mesiodistal crown dimensions and bolton ratio in the khan research laboratories employees and their families — Nasir Mushtaq & Imran Tajik

Oral health status & malocclusion in flood affected and internally displaced children in Pakistan —Rozina Nazir, Azmina Hussain & Muhammad Kaleem

Oral health assessment and barriers to seek care in internally displaced persons from Bajaur Agency, Pakistan — Syed Imran Gilani, Farzeen Tanwir & Saira Afridi

Comparison of powered and manual toothbrushes in removal of plaque —Ajmal Yousaf, Nadia Aman, Manzoor Ahmed Manzoor & Rehana Yasmin

Evaluation of tooth brushing technique and oral hygiene knowledge at AFID, Rawalpindi — Rehana Yasmeen Bangash, Abid Ullah Khan, Khalid Mehmood Tariq & Dil Rasheed

Comparison of working length in curved mesial canals of mandibular molar between pre-flared and non-flared group - Azhar Iqbal, Ansar Maxood & Tahir Ali Khan

Selecting the appropriate electrode placement site for pulp tester on first premolar teeth — Feroze Ali Kalhoro, Noor Ahmed Khoso, Mohammad Ali Salem & Muhammad Arif Shaikh

Endodontic management of upper central incisor using mineral trioxide aggregate and surgical decompression - DS Dinesh, A Balatandayoudam, R Sathyanarayanan & S Balaji Tandri

Perceived variations in dental graduate competency outcomes based on demographic variables — Junaid Sarfraz Khan, Osama Mukhtar & Saima Tabbasum

The shear bond strength of glass ionomer root canal sealer to elephant tusk dentine conditioned with common endodontic irrigants — Amjid Naseer, Tahir Ali Khan & Babar Ahad

Effect of mechanical modification of acrylic resin denture teeth bonded to acrylic denture base — Azad Ali Azad, Adel Zia Siddiqui, Atif Jawad, Majid Zia & Tahir Ali

Fabrication of an acrylic interim denture employing two-part impression technique for distal extension bases – kennedy class 1 with modifications — Muhammad Sohaib Nawaz, Nazia Yazdanie & Muhammad Faheemuddin

Frequency of overeruption in unopposed posterior teeth —Saman Hakeem, Abid Mohsin & Abdul Razzaq Ahmed

The role of interpupillary distance in the selection of anterior teeth — Muhammad Waqar Hussain, Khezran Qamar & Sajid Naeem

Tooth shade perceptibility of undergraduate students, house surgeons and postgraduate residents —Salman Ahmad, Mubashir Sharif, Muhammad Umer

Attitude of dental students towards elderly — Ayesha Sadaf & Nazia Yazdanie

The role of intercondylar distance in the posterior teeth arrangement — Irfan Ahmed Shaikh, Khezran Qamar, Amir Imdad Ali & Sajid Naeem

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