Journal Edition Vol 27, No 1,  June 2007,  (New Quarterly) Full Text

Esthetic and Functional Outcomes of a Post-Ankylosed Case – An Interdisciplinary Approach: Use of Stainless Steel Surgical Screws for Orthodontic Anchorage Control in an Adult Patient — Mervyn M Hosein, Abdul Mudassir, Ayesha Noor Malik & Shikoh Naz

Presurgical Orthodontic Management and Secondary Bone Graft in the Cleft Patients — Abida Ijaz & Saeed Ashraf Cheema

The Impacts of Amalgam Overhang Removal on Periodontal Parameters and Gingival Crevicular Fluid Volume — Sameer A Mokeem

Diagnostic Efficacy of Digital and Conventional Radiography in Periapical Bone Lesions —Maryam Javidi, Laila Razie, Mehdi Ghafooriyan & Mohammad Taghi Shakeri

Therapeutic Gamma Radiation: Effects on Microhardness and Structure of Current Composite Restorative Materials —Khaled Al-Saif

Comparison of Radiographic and Electronic Working Length in Anterior Teeth —Halima Sadia Qazi, Anser Maxood & Saeeda Abdullah

Dental Pain – A Case of Missed Diagnosis — Syed Shoaeb Ahmed & Muhammad Imran Saeed

A Survey of the use of Space Maintainers by Private Dentists in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia — Yousef H Al-Dlaigan

Self-Perception of Malocclusion of Saudi Patients using the Aesthetic Component of the IOTN Index —Sahar F Albarakati

Periodontal Evaluation of AFID Cadets in Lower Anterior Crowding — Iffat Batool, Assad Abbas Zaidi & S Ausaf Ali Rizvi

Prediction of the Sizes of Unerupted Canines and Premolars in Pakistani Subjects — Usman Yousaf & Abida Ijaz

Oral Hygiene Status of Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment — Saqib Naeem & M Rafique Chatha

Cephalometric Characteristics of Class II Malocclusion: Gender Dimorphism — Rehan Qamar & Naseer Ahmad Chaudry

Essential Guidelines for Forensic Dentistry — Muneer Gohar Babar, Shaheed Iqbal & Adil Jan

Features and Management of Mono-Ostotic Fibrous Dysplasia of the Jaws – A Study —Muslim Khan, Syed Murad Ali Shah & Qiam Ud Din

Prevalence of Torus Palatinus among 300 Indonesian Patients — S Gulzar Ali Bukhari, Shahid Shuja Qazi,Tariq Mehmood Awan, Azad Ali Azad & Muhammad Zeeshan

Characteristics and Etiology of Zygomatic Complex Fractures — Zahur Qayyum, Asmatullah Khan & Umer Khitab

Characteristics and Etiology of Radicular Cyst – A Study — Asmatullah Khan, Zahoor Qayyum & M Umar Farooq

Pattern and Management of Mandibular Fractures: A Study Conducted on 264 Patients —Amjad Shah, Adnan Ali Shah & Abdus Salam

An Assessment of Clinical Productivity of Dental Interns at King Saud University — Walid Sadig

Gagging and its Management — Mehmood Hussain , Bilal Ahmed & Nazia Yazdanie

Transverse Strength of Acrylic Resin Denture Base Material after Addition of Different Fibres —Amjad Rahamneh, Abdelmajeed Abdellateef & Talaat Mneizel

Relationship of Age, Gender and Skin Tone to Shades of Permanent Maxillary Central Incisors —Azad Ali Azad, Salman Ahmad, Majid Zia & Mubashir Sharif

Hollow Bulb Obturator: A Blessing for Maxillectomy Patients – A Case Report —Bilal Ahmed, Mehmood Hussain & Nazia Yazdanie

Bleaching Knowledge among Young Females in Secondary Schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia —Salwa A Alsadhan, Amal Al-Awdah, Ameera Al-Abdulwahid & Sumiah Ajlan

The Fluoridation Controversy — Rubina Mumtaz

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