Journal Edition Vol 29, No.2 Dec 2009, Muharram-ul-Haram 1431 H (New) Full Text...

Lingual, Inferior Alveolar and Mylohyoid Nerves sensory impairment following removal of
mandibular third molars

Microvascular Decompression for Idiopathic Trigeminal Neuralgia: Ultimate solution to the Managemet Dilemma

Clinical and Radiological behaviour of Sporadic Odontogenic Keratocyst – A Study

Mandibular Fracture Osteosynthesis: A comparison of three techniques

Outcome of rigid internal fixation of mandibular fractures: A prospective study

Inadequacies in history taking and clinical examination by the dentists

Frequency and reasons for the removal of stainless steel plates in maxillofacial trauma

Pattern of mandibular fractures – A Study

Bisphosphonate therapy related Osteonecrosis of Jaw bones – A Case Report

Dentists perceptions about practices, undergraduate training and training needs of local anesthesia

Infection control in dentistry knowledge and practices regarding barrier techniques, post exposure management and prophylaxis – A Study

Prospective comparative study to determine the risk of Syncope in a dental chair in supine position during administration of localanesthesia

Maxillofacial injuries in internally displaced persons

Diagnosis of temporomandibular disorders based on research diagnostic criteria

Completely impacted teeth in dentate and edentulous Jaws

Lip morphology in bimaxillary dentoalveolar protrusion in class I and class II adults

Accuracy of angular cephalometric measurements with scanned lateral cephalograms

Personality improvement through orthodontics

Prevalence of crossbite in orthodontic patients

Cephalometric measurements of a Saudi adult sample accordingto Jarabak's analysis

Co-relation between ANB angle, Wits value & SNP plane angle

Evaluating dental changes in treatment of anterior open bite with accentuated curve NiTi wires

Prevalence of impacted and ectopic teeth in patients seen in a tertiary care centre

Intraoral msxillary molar distalization: A Review

Effect of Lithium on the developing teeth of rabbits

Prevalence of dental caries in 6-10yr old children in a suburban areas of Lahore

Prevalence of dental caries among 3-12-years-old children of Swat

Effectiveness of health promoting school and illicit drug abuse, mental health and healthy eating habits

Oral hygiene and periodontal status of patients undergoing renal dialysis in Qazvin

Gingival crevicular fluid and oral hygiene in Saudi dental students and Interns

Pattern of bone loss between smoker and non smoker patients

Association between cigarette smoking and periodontitis in Pakistani population

The effect of Ibuprofen on bleeding during periodontal surgery

Evaluation of space maintainers fabricated by dental students: A retrospective study

Clinical features of temporomandibular disorders among Jordanian children

An evaluation of the cephalometric soft and hard tissue centroid reference line in hetrogenous sample

Composite-to-metal bond; The effect of the Opaque layer

Comparison of microleakage in resin modified glass Ionomer cements and Poly acids modified composites (compomers)

Reliability of univariate and multivariate caries risk assessment systems: A Review

Effect of Edentulous ridge length on the fit of occlusal resrs of a partial denture metal framework

Oral health related quality of life in complete dentures

The effect of past denture experience on patients satisfaction with their complete dentures

An evidence-based clinical decision-making update