Journal Edition Vol 27, No 2,  December 2007,  (New Quarterly) Full Text

Aggressive Periodontitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis V. Sunitha Raja, Bali Vikram, Emmadi Pamela, Ambalavanan N, & Ramakrishnan T

Maternal Periodontal Disease and Preterm Low Birth Weight: An Update Shiza Nusrat Khan, Omaid Khalid Ahmad & Khalid Almas

Prevalence of Aggressive Periodontitis in High School Students in Qazvin – Iran Jalaludin Hamissi, Edmond Ghilabi & Amirjavadi

Risk Factors for Tooth Loss due to Periodontal Disease in Pakistani Adults Zubair Babar, Muhammad Kaleem, Manzoor Ahmad Manzoor, Gulzar Ali Bukhari & Rozina Nazir

Papillon – Lefevre Syndrome – Evidence Based Report J. Bhavana, V. Anitha, R. Vijayalakshmi, T. Ramakrishnan & Vikram Bali

Odontogenic Myxoma of the Maxillary Sinus in a Nigerian Child – Report of a Case Alabi B.S, Ismail A, Aluko A.A, Afolabi O.A, & Buari M.O

Midfacial Fractures:Different Trends in Management — Amjad Shah, Adnan Ali Shah & Abdus Salam

Comparative Study Between Hand-Wrist Method and Cervical Vertebral Maturation Method for Evaluation of Skeletal Maturity in Saudi Boys — Adel Al-Hadlaq, Mohammed Al-Qarni, Abdullah Al-Kahtani & Adel Al-Obaid 

A Seven Year Study (2000–07) of the Cleft Proportions at the Cleft Clinic of the Children's Hospital, Lahore Abida Ijaz, Rashid Mehmood Sultan & Junaid Israr

Corelation of Corrected ANB Angle with other Sagital Discrepancy Indicators — Saad Asad, Saqib Naeem & Waheed-ul-Hamid

Comparison of Maxillary Arch Dimensions Between Unilateral Cleft Lip & Palate and Non Cleft Infants Sultan RM, Ijaz A

Prevalence of Dental Anomalies in JMDC Orthodontic Patients — H R Sukhia, Dost Ali Baloch & Amjad Javed

Dental Caries and Oral Hygiene in Male Dental Students of King Saud University College of Dentistry, Riyadh Amjad Hussain Wyne, Arham Nawaz Chohan, Egab Abdul Aziz Al-Motairy & Sebhan Abdulaziz Gezzy

Clinical Study on the Plaque Removing Ability of Three New Toothbrushes — Nahid Y M Ashri

Self-Reported Oral Health Behavior and Perceived Treatment Needsof Dental Students in Benin City, NigeriaSunny A Okeigbemen & Roseline Ohre

Effectiveness of an Oral Hygiene Program for Patients Undergoing Fixed Orthodontic Treatment Saqib Naeem, Saad Asad, Irfan-ul-Haq & M Waheed-ul-Hamid

AIDS — An Alarming Death Trap in the Dental Zone — Colonel Hameed Ullah Jan Marwat

Mouth Protozoa in North West Frontier Province of Pakistan — A Study Zakir Ullah, Muslim Khan, Abdul Hameed Jan & Irshad Ali

Effective of Bleaching Agents and Whitening Tooth Pastes on Color Stability and Microhardness of Restorative Materials Wedad Y Awliya

Evaluation of Sealing Ability of Three Root Canal Sealers — Tahir Ali Khan,Sapuram Ravindaranath, Azhar Iqbal & S M Farooq

Shear Bond Strength of Denture Repair with Autopolymerizing Acrylic Resin Influenced by Three Surface Treatments Mohammad Al-Rifaiy

A Study of Tooth Loss Pattern and Treatment in Partially Dentate Patients Syed Nasir Shah, Tanweer Hussain Bangash & Abbas Saleem

Conventional and Advanced Techniques in Prosthodontic Preservation and Surgical Management of Residual Alveolar Ridge — A Review — S Parithimarkalaignan, Veena Hegde, Aparna I N & Dhanasekar

Pattern of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma – A Study Muslim Khan, Nadia Mansoor, Muhammad Rizwan Memon & Abdus Salam

Medical Laboratory Support in a Field Medical Unit during Earthquake Relief Activities Tariq Mahmood Awan, Syed Gulzar Ali Bukhari & Naseer Ahmed

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